Chambal Upper Sub-basin

The geographical extent of the Chambal Upper sub-basin lies between 74 49' to 76 12' east longitudes and 22 25' to 25 5' north latitudes of the country. The Chambal forms the major river draining in the Yamuna lower sub-basin. The Chambal Upper sub-basin of Ganga basin has a total catchment area of 25,546 The sub-basin drains mostly in Madhya Pradesh state and parts of Rajasthan. The other rivers that drain in this sub-basin are Sipra or Kshipra river, Gangi Nadi, Chamla river, Retam Nadi to name few. Some of the major dam falling in this sub-basin is Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, Yashvant Sagar (Corporation) Dam etc. The sub basin map is shown below:

(Source: India-WRIS)