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  Centre of Excellence for Hydrologic Modeling

Developing a “Centre of Excellence for Hydrologic Modeling” and giving leadership to the Country in hydrologic modelling services is one of the four major tasks assigned to NIH under the NHP. To grow and sustainan, the centre has to become knowledge repositories in hydrological processes understanding, advanced tools and techniques, advancement taking place from time-to time globally on hydrological research, tools and techniques to respond to the India's hydrologic modelling services. To attain this objective, the Institute has to have capabilities and resources to develop demand driven tools and techniques using popular computational platforms and help capacity building of the Country through technology and knowledge disseminations. The aim is to make India self reliante in water management tools and techniques to help decision making on movement, availability, fate and quantity and quality management of both surface and sub-surface water. The 'Centre of Excellence' will primarily deal with three components: Surface water Modeling; Groundwater Modeling; and Water Quality Modeling. Web-enabled models and e-learning packages on hydrological modules will be developed.


A Centre for Excellence in Hydrologic Modelling is being set up in NIH under NHP. As a part of work of this centre, the scientist of NIH has prepared a report “Hydrological Modeling – Current Status and Future Directions”. Different sections of this repot have been reviewed by some experts and their comments have been incorporated. The report is available at the link given below. Comments, may be sent to