Aims and Objective of NHP
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  NHP Managment
  Role of NIH in Nhp
  Data Observation and Network   Design
  Purpose Driven Studies(PDS)
  Traning and Capaicity Building
  Decision Support System(DSS)
  Centre of Excellence for
   Hydrologic Modelling
  Project Managment Unit
  Schedule for regional workshops   for TNA & PDS
  Ministry of Water Resources,
  River Development and Ganga   Rejuvenation
   National Institute of Hydrology
  Purpose Driven Studies (PDS)

One of the main focuses of NHP is Research and Development (R & D) in the form of Purpose Driven Studies (PDSs). Considering the peculiarities and large variation in the nature of problems associated with water resources
planning and development, the issues involved in research related to particular region and specic project, the NHP is sponsoring research proposals of applied nature along with basic and action research. The research activities of such nature are implemented through R & D Section of NHP. PDSs are related to specic issues of water management problems identied within the area of operation of IAs and of public concern. Outcomes of the studies are expected to provide feasible and cost effective methodologies for replication in other areas situated in similar hydro-geological setup. The main role of R&D Section is to coordinate these activities and to review and monitor the progress of the PDSs.


Presentations of First R&D Session held on during 13-14 July, 2017 at NIH, Roorkee