Aims and Objective of NHP
  Time Line
  NHP Managment
  Role of NIH in Nhp
  Data Observation and Network   Design
  Purpose Driven Studies(PDS)
  Traning and Capaicity Building
  Decision Support System(DSS)
  Centre of Excellence for
   Hydrologic Modelling
  Project Managment Unit
  Schedule for regional workshops   for TNA & PDS
  Ministry of Water Resources,
  River Development and Ganga   Rejuvenation
   National Institute of Hydrology
  Time Line

The NHP is proposed to start from April 2016. EFC has approved NHP proposal in October 2015 and has recommended that NHP may be taken up as 100% central sector scheme, without seeking any budgetary support from the states/organizations to facilitate smoother implementation. The first phase of the project will be up to 2019-20. The Second Stage, from 2019-20 to 2023-24, would be decided keeping in view the achievements till the year 2018-19, so as to