Swachhta Pakhwada 2018.

Report on Swachhta Pakhwada (16-31 March 2018).

Swachhta pledge 16.03.2018

Dr. Sharad Kumar Jain, Director, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee exhorted employees to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi's vision of Clean India. On this occasion Swachhta pledge was taken by employees.

Swachhta he Seva Campaign 17-03-2018.

Cleaning of a Pond at Shankar Puri, village, Roorkee on 17.3.2018 by National Institute of Hydrology under Swachhta Pakhwada-2018. On this Occasion Dr. Sharad Kumar Jain (Director NIH) along with his team, and Sh. L M Mishra, ADM Haridwar, Mrs. Manvinder Kaur, BDO, Roorkee along with their team cleaned the pond and its periphery. Local people of the village (volunteerly) also associated in cleaning the pond....Thank you everyone for your kind cooperation and support to make the event successful.

Swachhta Abhiyaan at Shankarpuri Village (Video)

Organized competition for the School Children at Govt. school at Shivpur village, Block – Nagal, Saharanpur (UP)

A workshop / Mass Awareness programme on Swachhta, water conservation and water quality for the women and school children was held at Shivpur village, Block – Nagal, Distt. – Saharanpur (UP). On this occasion, Sh. Bijendra Singh, BDO and Sh. Harsh Vardhan, District program officer graced the event and addressed the gathering about the importance of water its cleanliness and use. Dr. Sharad Kumar Jain, Director, NIH made the gathering aware about the importance of cleanliness and water conservation in day to day life and administered the Swachhta Pledge during the programme. Further, Dr. Manohar Arora, Dr. Rajesh Singh and Er. Digamber Singh delivered the lectures on cleanliness, water conservation and water quality. Dr. L. N. Thakural, Nodal officer, Swachh Bharat Mission addressed the gathering about the importance of water and swachhta in our life. Dr. Mohd Farooq Khan and Miss KalavatiRawat, SwachchhtaSarvekshan team of MOWR, RD & GR also joined the activity. Thereafter, the students, local residents and NIH team planted ornamental and fruit plants in the school campus.

Media Coverage under Swachhta Pakhwada-2018

Thanks press media for large coverage of the cleaning drive of village pond under Swacchta Pakhwada-2018. I remember the lines....Hum honge kaamyab ek din mann mein vishwaas pura hai viswaash.

Plantation Drive 20-03-2018

Plantation drive at NIH campus and NIH residential colony, Roorkee. Children and Women joined the Swachhta Pakhwada-2018 for planting new trees and conveyed the message of Go Green.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for school children at Government Primary School, Sherpur village, Roorkee March 23, 2018

Under the direction of Director, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee,the team of Scientist and staff carried out a mass awareness programme on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for school children at Government Primary School, Sherpur village, Roorkee. On this occasion, the school children, teachers and staff of Government Primary Schools namely Sherpur, Brahampur, Shankarpui and Kanhapur participated with a strength of 120. Dr. Sharad Kumar Jain, Director, NIH addressed the gathering and informed about the importance of cleanliness. Shri Y K Choudary, Swachhta Brand Ambassador, Nagar Nigam, Roorkee also told the children about the cleanliness and its importance in day-to-day life. Dr. L N Thakural, Scientist C and Nodal Officer, Swachh Bharat Mission, NIH – Roorkee taught the children about the different way to keep our environment, neighborhood, society and nation clean and green. A quiz was also organized for the students on Swachhta in which Master, Raja,Primary School, Sherpur village won the prize. The students, teachers and staff of school and NIH employees also took a pledge of Swachhata. A plantation drive was also carried out by students, teachers and NIH officials in the school campus. More over also asked to take care of these plants which The gathering was also requested to communicate the message of Swachhtacommencing from their homes to the society. cleaning drive on 13September 2017in theschool campus of Prathmik Rajkiya Vidhalaya, Brahampur village located in the Gram Panchayat Roorkee, District Haridwar, Uttarkhand under SWACHHTA HI SEWA ABHIYAAN.Equipped with gloves, gumboots and handheld cleaning tools, a group of over 100 peoplecomprising of NIH employees, school teachers, children, Gram Pradhan and volunteers from the Brahampurvillage contributed in the cleaning of theschool campus. The solid waste lying in the school campus, which included biodegradable/non-biodegradable material was collected in the disposable bags and were disposed properly.The school campus covered with weeds/bushes/grassetc. affecting the playground of the school was cleaned by the team.The toilets were cleaned and properly sanitized by phenol etc. Besides, the youth, women, children, school teachers and students of the village were also educated about importance of SWACHHTA HI SEWA, importance of cleanliness, use of water, disposal of solid waste, self-hygiene, and community hygiene. On this occasion,Dr. L. N Thakural, Scientist-C, delivered a talk for the school children on Clean India and Green India and demonstrated swachhta abhiyan through posters. A drawing completion on the title “Clean India and Swachh Bharat” was also organized to encourage the young children towards cleanliness. People participated with full enthusiasm in the SWAACHHTA HI SEWA abhiyan or cleanliness campaign.The cleaning exercise under SWACHHTA HI SEWA–was apart of the government’s Swachhta abhiyan or cleanliness campaign– a national movement. .