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The Vision of the Centre

The North Eastern Regional Centre (NERC), Guwahati catering for the seven North-East states, Sikkim and parts of West Bengal (Teestha basin) was established in August 1988 at Guwahati and was working for various water resources problems of the region. Considering flood as the major problem in the region, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India decided to focus the activities of the centre towards the problem of floods in the Brahmaputra basin and renamed it as “NIH Centre for Flood Management Studies”. As per the action plan, the centre is to work in thrust areas of research like flood estimation and routing; structural/non-structural measures for flood management; iii) Integrated watershed management for flood control; iv) Hydrological data base management system; v) Drainage congestion and erosion problems; vi) Water quality problems; vii) Socio-economic aspect of flood disaster and; viii) Technology transfer. The centre has got long term ongoing program of representative basin studies and has since procured advanced software for flood studies and packages for GIS in which the scientists are trained/being trained. However, the centre needs reinforcement of manpower and other infrastructural facilities to address the huge water resources problems of the region, it should.


R&D work

The centre is engaged in modelling non-point source pollution, flash flood studies (Jiadhal Basin), Flood plain zoning/flood hazard mapping of rivers of Arunachal Pradesh, phytoremediation: a plant based technology to clean-up the environment and design of rain guage station network for Arunachal Pradesh. The centre has contributions in publishing a book, five papers in international journals, one paper in national journal, one paper in international conference and nine papers in national conferences. Moreover, it conducted one technology transfer activity and organized six mass awareness activities in different districts of Assam.


Interaction with other organizations

In connection of the centre`s activities, there have been continuous interaction with different state/central agencies, academic institutions like Brahmaputra Board, CWC, CGWB, IIT for base line information/data, research orientation, state water resource organizations for field logistics and existing data base, other academic institutions for technology transfer and mass awareness program. The centre also actively participated in the meetings of the Climate and Glacier Commission, Govt of Sikkim and submitted a modified chapter on ‘Hydro-Meteorological Observations and Modelling of Glacierized Basins’ for inclusion in the report of the Commission. The chapter includes details of meteorological parameters and discharge measurement techniques along with modelling basics and data requirements.