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Vision of the Centre

The Centre is mainly focusing on flood related studies of the region covering eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. The broad objectives envisaged by the Centre are: (i) to undertake strategic and adaptive research activities related to flood management for the Ganga basin, (ii) to advise different Government organizations dealing with hydrology and water resources about the technological advancement in flood management and (iii) technology transfer activities about the advancement in flood management.

The Centre has been carrying out research in different aspects of flood management and other hydrological studies since its inception, as per the work programme approved by the Regional Coordination Committee (RCC) of the Centre. Over the years, the Scientists of the centre have developed the expertise to deal with various hydrological problem of the region. Some of the areas are: i) Flood estimation and flood forecasting: development of regional flood formulae for small catchments of Bihar and Jharkhand, flood estimation by GIS based GIUH approach for Ajay basin of Jharkhand, development of real-time flood forecasting model for Ajay basin, characteristics of short interval rainfall etc.; ii) Flood hazard mapping and flood risk zoning for a reach of river Ganga between Buxor to Mokama; iii) Study of shifting characteristics of river Ganga between Ara and Patna using remote Sensing data; iv) Water logging and drainage congestion studies for lower Gandak basin, development of management model for waterlogging and drainage congestion problem of Mokama group of Tals; v) Application of ANN techniques in flood forecasting; vi) Dam break analysis and flood inundation study of Mithon and Panchet dam; vii) Lab studies of the soils of Central Bihar; viii) Application of remote sensing and GIS in flood management; and  x) Urban hydrology study of Patna etc.

R&D work

The centre is engaged in (i) Flood hazard mapping and flood risk zoning for a reach of river Ganga between Buxor to Mokama by using MIKE FLOOD software, (ii) Purpose driven study of Storm water management in Otteri Nullah sub basin, Chennai Corporation under HP-II and (iii) Shifting characteristics of river Kosi and Bagmati.

Interaction with other organizations

The centre is interacting with the Central Water Commission, Ganga Flood Control Commission and Water Resouces Department, Govt. of Bihar for obtaining hydrological data and sharing the outcome of the studies. As a part of technology transfer, training on state of art softwares like MIKE 11 and MIKE Flood are organized from time to time for WRD officials of Govt. of Bihar. The centre is engaged in one purpose driven studie – Storm water management in Otteri Nullah sub basin, Chennai Corporation for which the officials of State Ground and Surface Water Resources Data Centre, PWD, Govt. of Tamilnadu are associated.