Human Resource & ER Sheet

The Institute has a sanctioned staff strength of 247 with a team of about 74 well qualified & trained scientists with excellent academic qualifications. Apart from civil and hydrology and water resources background, scientists with agriculture, physics, earth sciences and chemistry background are also there to support the research activities of the Institute.

To assist the scientists in research, field-oriented and laboratory oriented studies the Institute has capable and trained supporting scientific and technical staff having vast experience in the respective fields.

Capable and devoted administrative staff further strengthen the Institute to run the day-to-day administrative, finance and other activities.

S. No. Photo Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Details
1 Sudhir Kumar Sudhir Kumar Director skumar[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in, dir[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in, director[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249201, 272106, 249264 Details
2 Sanjay K. Jain Sanjay K. Jain Scientist 'G' sjain[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249209, 272954 Details
3 M. K. Goel M. K. Goel Scientist 'G' mkg[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249262, 277086 Details
4 A. K. Lohani A. K. Lohani Scientist 'G' lohani[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249214, 273073, 276341 Details
5 R. P. Pandey	R. P. Pandey Scientist 'G' rpp[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249216 , 276220, 278478 Details
6 Suhas Khobragade Scientist 'G' suhas[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249220, 285154 Details
7 Omkar Singh Omkar Singh Scientist 'G' omkar[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249217, 274765 Details
8 A. R. Senthil Kumar A. R. Senthil Kumar Scientist 'G' arsk[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249223, 276389 Details
9 Anupma Sharma Anupma Sharma Scientist 'G' anupma[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249224, 279284 Details
10 S. K. Singh Scientist 'F' sksingh[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249207, 272905, 276683 Details
11 Surjeet Singh Surjeet Singh Scientist 'F' surjeet[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249230 Details
12 M. Someshwar Rao M. Someshwar Rao Scientist 'F' somesh[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249225, 272447 Details
13 PC Nayak P. C. Nayak Scientist 'F' nayak[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 01332 - 249208 Details
14 Manohar Arora Scientist 'F' arora[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249234, 279263 Details
15 Archana Sarkar Scientist 'F' archana[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249231 Details
16 Sanjay Kumar Scientist 'F' sk[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249229, 272368 Details
17 Mukesh Kumar Sharma Mukesh Kumar Sharma Scientist 'F' mks[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249235, 216620 Details
18 Soban Singh Rawat Soban Singh Rawat Scientist 'E' ssrawat[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249227 Details
19 Ravindra Vitthal Kale Ravindra Vitthal Kale Scientist 'D' rvkale[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249239 Details
20 L.N. Thakural Scientist 'D' lnt[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in 249244 Details