Human Resource & ER Sheet

The Institute has a sanctioned staff strength of 247 with a team of about 85 well qualified & trained scientists with excellent academic qualifications. Apart from civil and hydrology and water resources background, scientists with agriculture, physics, earth sciences and chemistry background are also there to support the research activities of the Institute.

To assist the scientists in research, field oriented and laboratory oriented studies the Institute has capable and trained supporting scientific and technical staff having vast experience in the respective fields.

Capable and devoted administrative staff further strengthen the Institute to run the day-to-day administrative, finance and other activities.

S. No. Photo Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Details
21 Mukesh Kumar Sharma Mukesh Kumar Sharma Scientist 'E' 249235, 216620 Details
22 Archana Sarkar Scientist 'E' 249231 Details
23 Sanjay Kumar Scientist 'E' 249229, 272368 Details
24 Renoj J Thayyen Renoj J Thayyen Scientist 'E', 249237 Details
25 S. K.Verma Scientist 'D' 249227, 270191 Details
26 L.N. Thakural Scientist 'D' +91-1332-249244 Details
27 Pradeep Kumar Scientist 'D' +91-1332-249337 Details
28 J. P. Patra Scientist 'D' +91-1332-249312 Details
29 M K Nema M K Nema Scientist 'D' +91-1332-249341 Details
30 Rajesh Singh Rajesh Singh Scientist 'D' +91-1332-249316 Details
31 Sumant Kumar Sumant Kumar Scientist 'D' +91-1332-249313 Details
32 P K Singh Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249221 Details
33 Digambar Singh Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249236 Details
34 Suman Gurjar Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249338 Details
35 Ashwini Arvind Ranade Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249322 Details
36 Gopal Krishan Gopal Krishan Scientist 'C', +91-1332-249233 Details
37 Prabhash K Mishra Prabhash K Mishra Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249321 Details
38 santosh Santosh Murlidhar Pingale Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249388 Details
39 Vishal Singh Vishal Singh Scientist 'C' +91-1332-2493 43 Details
40 gurrapu Sunil Gurrapu Scientist 'C' +91-1332-249240 Details