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Computer Centre


Dr. A. K. Lohani,

Scientist 'G',

Phone: +91 1332 249214



Officer Incharge

Dr. Prabhash K Mishra,

Scientist 'B'

Phone: +91 1332 249321



Computers of latest configuration are available in the Computer Centre of the Institute for conducting complex hydrological analyses and modeling studies. Internet and email facilities are routinely utilized for accessing scientific literature as well as for correspondence. The Institute also uses computers for processing of administrative and accounting data. The Centre procures and provides maintenance to computers and related peripherals available with the Scientists and Staff.
The local area network (LAN) provides interconnectivity between the computers in different building blocks of the campus. The LAN is connected to Internet by a 200 Mbps leased line link from BSNL.VSAT connectivity of 512 Kbps from ERNET India also exists for email communication. A centralized server receives and stores/forwards emails to respective users. A dedicated web server ( provides a platform for hosting institute information, research publications, important announcements, tender notices, jobs etc. and some useful hydrology related information. Recently an intranet is also provided on the web site for uploading circulars and forms etc. Wifi arrangement has also been done at different points of the Institute.
To maintain the integrity and security of Institute’s network, a firewall restricts access from outside to machines within the LAN. At present, the LAN connectivity exists in all blocks of NIH Campus including Main Administrative Block, Laboratory Block, Library, Guesthouses, Auditorium, and Reception. The Centre provides support to the Administration in the operation and maintenance of the recently installed Biometric Attendance System (BAS) at the Institute.
Intranet has been introduced in the Institute for NIH staff. Web mail has been made operational in NIH website through which NIH personnel can check their official mails from this facility at anywhere in India/abroad.
During the year 2015-16, Institute procured latest version of Laptops and Desktop computers for scientists and servers for data backup. Institute also procured 1 KVA line interactive UPS for PC users and 30 KVA online UPS system to provide uninterrupted power supply to the Computer Centre.

Computer Centre

Computer centre

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