मौसम विज्ञान वेधशाला

The Meteorological Observatory at NIH campus has been operational since 1985. The instruments operational are: (i) ordinary rain gauge, (ii) self recording rain gauge (siphon), (iii) maximum and minimum thermometer, (iv) dry and wet bulb thermometer, (v) thermograph, (vi) hygrograph, (vii) anemometer, and (viii) pan evaporimeter. The observations such as maximum temperature, minimum temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, evaporation, wind speed and wind direction are noted on daily basis at 08:30 AM. The data collected at NIH campus is supplied to various research organizations, state government departments and research scholars on their requests. A weather display unit has been installed at the main building for display of current and recorded weather parameters for the general public.

Hydrometeorological Observatory

Automatic Weather Station