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S.No Name of the Activity Date Place Organizer No. of Participants Report/ Photographs
1 हिंदी सप्ताह -2020 (हिंदी सप्ताह के दौरान संस्थान में तीन गतिविधियाँ आयोजित हुई एंव हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर विजेता प्रतिभागियों को पुरस्कृत किया गया I इस अवसर पर संस्थान की हिंदी पत्रिका प्रवाहिनी का भी विमोचन किया गयाI) 7-14 सितम्बर, 2020 एनआईएच, रूडकी मनोहर अरोड़ा, Sc ‘E’ एंव हिंदी अधिकारी - -
2 Organizing a Virtual Webinar on the theme on “Hydrology for Water Security in Himalaya” under the aegis of INC-IHP through Video conferencing mode. 9 September, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. V.C.Goyal, Sc ‘G’ - -
3 Organizing a one week Training Program on “SWAT Modeling” at NIH through Video conferencing mode. 21-25 September, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. Vishal Singh, Sc ‘C’ - -
4 One day Workshop on DSS(PM) at NIH, Roorkee 24 August, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. A.K.Lohani, Sc G - -
5 The Review Meeting of DSS(PM) Sub-Committee was held at NIH, Roorkee 6 August, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. A.K.Lohani, Sc G - -
6 Eight online R& D Session on PDS under NHP at NIH, Roorkee 4-5 August, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. D.S. Rathore,Sc G - -
7 Online training course on “Groundwater Modeling Using Visual Modflow” under NHP. 6-10 July, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. A.K.Lohani, Sc G - -
8 Training course on “Hydrology Modeling using HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS” (though video conferencing), at NIH. 13-17 July, 2020 NIH, Roorkee Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Sc G - -
9 Training Course on “Hydrologic modelling using HEC-RAS & HEC-HMS” 2-6 March, 2020 Hyderabad Jointly organized by NIH & Irrigation & CAD Department under NHP.- Dr. Sanjay Jain Sc. G - -
10 Organization of one-day Webinar on “Sundarbans –the Case of water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’?” sponsored by IUKWC 04 Feb. 2020 NIH Dr. Gopal Krishan, Sc G 83 1
11 Visit of undergraduate Students from D.A.V College, Muzaffarnagar 05 Feb., 2020 NIH Dr. A.R. Senthil Kumar, Sc F - -
12 NIH Laboratories visit of 9th and 11th class students of Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidhalaya Landhoura 6-7 Feb., 2020 NIH Dr. A.R. Senthil Kumar, Sc F - -
13 A lecture on a “Case study dealing with Yield of river Krishna” 07 Feb., 2020 NIH Head GWHD - -
14 Laboratories visit of 9th class students of Government Upper Middle School, Sohalpur 11 Feb., 2020 NIH Dr. A.R. Senthil Kumar, Sc F - -
15 Trainig course on "Hydrology for Water and Sanitation programme for WSSO, PHE Deptt. of Rajasthan 11-14 Feb., 2020 NIH Dr. A.R. Omkar Singh, Sc F - -
16 Five-Days Training Programme on "Hydrology and Water Resources Management of Cascade of Tank System under Climate Variability" 17-21 Feb., 2020 New Delhi Dr. V.C. Goyal, Sc G - -
17 Visit of Dr. Alena Bartosava from SMHI, Sweden in NIH 24-25 Feb., 2020 NIH Dr. Archana Sarkar, Sc E - -
18 NIH and IITR jointly oganised an international Conf. "Roorkee Water Conclave" at Roorkee on the Topic " Hydrological Aspects of Climate Change" 26-28 Feb., 2020 Roorkee Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Sc E - -
19 Training Course on “ Advance Hydrology” under NHP 6-10 Jan.,2020 Jaipur Dr. A.K.Lohani,Sc G - -
20 Training Workshop on “Google Earth Engine Application in water Resources” with NIH 6-10 Jan., 2020 WRD Gandhinagar Dr. A.K.Lohani, Sc G - -
21 SHM Model Meet at NIH under NHP 23 Jan., 2020 NIH Dr.M.K.Goel, SC G - -
22 80th Governing Body of NIH 27 Jan., 2020 New Delhi Director, NIH Roorkee - -
23 7th R & D Session on PDS of NHP 16-17 Dec, 2019 CWC, New Delhi Dr. Sanjay K. Jain, Sc G - -
24 One day Brainstorming session on “ Hydrological Modeling for Water Resources Management organized by NIH 26 Dec, 2019 Bhopal T. Thomas Sc E - -
25 2 Weeks Training Program on “Climate Change and Hydrological Impact Assessment” 2-13 Dec, 2019 NIH Roorkee Dr. Sunil Gurrapu, Sc G - -
26 Organisation of One Day Training Course on Tally 4 Dec, 2019 NIH Roorkee FO - -
27 Hands on training on “Google Earth Engine Application In Water Resources” under NHP 4-7 Dec, 2019 New Delhi Dr. A.K. Lohani , Sc G - -
28 Training Program on “Geospatial Applications in Hydrology : Theory & Practice “. 9-13 Dec, 2019 NIH Roorkee Dr. Deepak Singh Bisht, Sc B - -
29 6वी राष्ट्रीय जल संगोष्ठी 16-17 Dec, 2019 एनआईएच रूडकी डॉ० मनोहर अरोरा, वैज्ञानिक ई - -
30 Stakeholders workshop on “Preparation of Strategic Land and Water Management Plan for Rejuvention of Rispana river System” 26 Dec, 2019 Dehradun Dr. R.P. Pandey, Sc G - -
31 Understanding aquifer systems of Sunderbans- special emphasis on ASR using saline aquifers to improve farmers livelihood sponsored by IUKWC 26 Dec, 2019 Salt lake, Kolkata Dr. Gopal Krishan, Scientist C 30 2
32 49th Meeting of the Working Group 4-5 Nov, 2019 NIH, Roorkee Dr. V.C. Goyal - -
33 5- Days Training Course on “ Tools & Techniques for Hydrological Investigation” 4-8 Nov, 19 NIH, Roorkee Sc.G Dr.S.M. Pingle - Training Report
34 Training course on Remote sensing and GIS with Special Emphasis on Hydrological Model under NHP 11-15 Nov,19 Aizawl, Mizoram Sc.C Dr Sanjay K Jain Scientist 'G',Vishal Singh Scientist 'C' 22 -
35 Two Days Training course on e-office 13-14 Nov, 19 NIH, Roorkee Sc.C Dr. A.K. Lohani - -
36 14th RCC Meeting of NIH at CFMS 15 Nov, 19 CFMS, Guwahati Sc.G Dr. R.P. Pandey
37 Training Course on “ Hydrologic Modeling for Decision Making” under NHP 18-29 Nov, 19 NIH, Roorkee Sc.G Dr. A.K. Lohani 21 -
38 Three –Days workshop on “ Estimating Flood & Drought Risk in India: from Research to Practice” 25-27 Nov, 19 Mumbai Sc.G
39 Organization of one day workshop on “Zero Waste Society” 1 Oct, 19 Dr. Deepa Chalisgaonkar, Sc G
40 Celebration of 150th Birth Ceremony of Mahatma GandhI 2 Oct, 19 SAO
41 Training course on “Hydrological Modeling Using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS” 9 -10 Oct, 19 Dr. A.K. Lohani, Sc G
42 Training Course “application of Remote Hydrographic Survey Boat and its Processing Software” 10-12 Oct, 19 Dr. Omkar Singh, Sc F
43 Organizing a NIDM sponsored national level training course on “Flood Risk Management and Water Sector DRR" 14-18 Oct, 19 Dr. Archana Sarkar, Sc D
44 ISO-9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training Course 15 Oct, 19 Dr. V.C. Goyal, Sc G
45 Vigilance Awareness Week, 2019 28 Oct-2 Nov, 19 Dr. M.K. Goel, Sc G
  • Workshop on "Integrated' Water Resources Management"
  • Inauguration of Auditorium
4-5 Sept, 19 Dr. Sanjay Jain, Sc G
47 Outreach Activates in Methodist Girls P.G. College, Roorkee under Swachhta Pakhwada-2019 6 Sept, 19 Dr. Omkar Singh, Sc F
48 Two Days Training Course on " New Features of ArcGIS & Introduction to ArcGIS Pro" 11-12 Sept, 19 Dr. M.K. Nema, ScC
49 Organization of Swachhata-Hi-Sewa (SHS)-Plastic free Campaign 11 Sept to 27 Oct, 19 Dr. L.N.Thakural, ScC
50 हिंदी पखवाड़ा कार्यक्रम 16 Sept, 19 डॉ. मनोहर अरोरा Sc. D
51 Participation of NIH in "Regional Science Exhibition - Jalvigyan Pradarshani" Under KV-1 Roorkee 20 Sept, 19 Dr. Omkar Singh, Sc F
52 Organized Special Session In Future Earth Conference at Bangalore 24-27 Sept, 19 Dr. Jyoti Patil, ScC
53 Inception Workshop on SSAP ( Water) for Andaman, Portblair 27 Sept, 19 Dr. N.G.Pandey, Sc E
54 Participation and Exhibition- India Water Week (IWW) -2019 25-28 Sept, 19 Dr. A.R.Senthil Kumar, Sc F
55 हिंदी कार्यशाला का आयोजन 26-27 Sept, 19 डॉ. मनोहर अरोरा Sc. D
56 Workshop on "Inception Cum-Need Assessment" of IC EcoWS project a DST sponsored project Aug 8-9, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - - -
57 Organize Sixth R & D session Under NHP Aug 8-9, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - - -
58 Training course on "Hydrological Modeling using SWAT" Aug 19-24 , 2019 HRRC, Belgaum - - -
59 Training course on "Water Budgeting tool for river basin using Google earth engine application" under NHP Aug 19-23, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - - -
60 Regional workshop on Groundwater Recharge, Reduction in Soil Salinity- solutions and way forward for Indian Sunderbans sponsored by IUKWC” August 07, 2019 ICAR-CSSRI, Canning town, West Bengal Dr. Gopal Krishan, Scientist C 23 3
61 Community workshop on participatory groundwater management (PGWM) sponsored by IUKWC” August 03, 2019 Karakoti, Sunderabn, West Bengal Dr. Gopal Krishan, Scientist C 20 4
62 Workshop on "Water resource System modelling for global change impacts assessment and adaptation" organized jointly by NIH and Water Science Institute , Cranfield University ,UK July 12, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - - -
63 Training course on groundwater of Punjab with special emphasis on groundwater salinity organized by NIH under NHP July 16-18, 2019 Chandigarh - - -
64 Decision Support System(Planning and Management)-Contract was signed between NIH and DHI(India) for DSS(PM) July 18, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - - -
65 Hands-on training course on "Water security assessment for Nation Building" July 23-27, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - - -
66 Groundwater issues in Punjab with special emphasis on salinity sponsored by NHP 16-07-2019 to 18-07-2019 Forest complex, Mohali Dr. Gopal Krishan, Scientist C 34 5
67 72nd Meeting of Technical Advisory Committee. June 3, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - -
68 28th Regional Co-Ordination Committee Meeting of Deltaic Regional Centre (DRC) of National Institute of Hydrology Kakinada. June 10, 2019 NIH, Kakinada - -
69 18th R.C.C (Regional Coordination Committee) Meeting of the centre for Flood Management Studies, National Institute of Hydrology, Patna. June 11, 2019 NIH, Patna - -
70 Community workshop on participatory groundwater management (PGWM) sponsored by IUKWC June 13, 2019 Sandeshkhali, Sunderabn, West Bengal Dr. Gopal Krishan, Scientist C 25 7
71 Community workshop on participatory groundwater management (PGWM) sponsored by IUKWC June 14, 2019 Gosaba, Sunderabn, West Bengal Dr. Gopal Krishan, Scientist C 31 6
72 Training Course "Water Quality Assessment & Management" under the PDS project (Water Quality Assessment of the Southwest Punjab Emphasizing Carcinogenic Contaminants and their possible Remedial Measures), National Hydrology Project. June 17-21, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - 29
73 Orientation Program on “Geospatial Technologies For Decision Makers” (With a Theme: Water Resources ) Sponsored By Department of Science and Technologies (DST). June 19-21, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - 25 PDF
74 Training Course On “Conservation and Management of Lakes, Wetlands and Springs". June 24-28, 2019 NIH, Roorkee - 24
75 48th Metting of the Working Group May 2-3, 2019 NIH, Roorkee
76 Training Course on Hydrologic Modelling Using SWAT May 20-31, 2019 NIH, Roorkee
77 Organization of "Orientation Training" for newly recruited Scientist May 27-28 , 2019 NIH, Roorkee
78 नराकास, हरिद्वार के रूडकी स्थित सदस्य संस्थानों/कार्यालयों के लिए हिंदी कार्यशाला का आयोजन April 29, 2019 NIH, Roorkee
79 Study Tour of 24 AC Re-Orientation & Refresher course March 01, 2019 NIH, Roorkee 32
80 First Stakeholder workshop on the PDS under NHP titled "Impact Assesment of the upcoming Irrigation Project and climate change on the Drought and Desertificastion Scenario for Chambal Basin in Western Madhya Pradesh" Coordinator: Dr. L.N Thakural, Sc C March 01, 2019 NIH, Roorkee 26
81 Organization of Training Course on "Advanced Hydrology" durining 05.03.2019-09.03.2019 at NIH, Roorkee National Hydrology Project." Coordinator: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Sc G March 05- 09, 2019 NIH, Roorkee
82 A Brain Storming Session on “Water for All by 2030: Leaving no one behind" world water day - 2019 Coordinator: Dr. L.N Thakural, Sc C 22 March, 2019 NIH, Roorkee PDF
83 Cleaning of Village Pond 17 March, 2019 NIH, Roorkee Er.Omkar Singh, Sc-F, Er. Digambar Singh, Sc-C, Sh.N.R Allaka, RA, Sh.Naresh Kumar, Tech, Sh. Dayal Singh,Assistant, Ms. Neelam Bohra, LDC PDF
84 Brain Storming Session(World Water Day) 22 March, 2019 NIH, Roorkee Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Sc-G, Dr. L.N Thakural, Sc C, Sh. Furqan Ullah AL&IO Mrs. Kiran Ahuja, PA PDF
85 Motivating School Children for cleaning sctivites and plantation 25 March, 2019 NIH, Roorkee Dr. A.R.S Kumar, Sc-F, Dr. L.N Thakural, Sc C Sh. Rajesh Nema, Sc-B Sh.Rajesh Agarwal, SRA, Sh. S.k Satyarthi, JE Mrs. Charu Pandey, LIA PDF
86 Drawing/Poster Competition for children and rally 25 March, 2019 NIH, Roorkee Dr. L.N Thakural, Sc C Dr. Sunil Gurrapu, Sc-C, Sh.OM Parkash, SRA, Mrs. Kiran Ahuja, PA Mrs. Asha Chaudhry,RP PDF
87 Workshop for women on cleaniness,sanitation and water conservation 28 March, 2019 NIH, Roorkee Dr. D.Chalisgaonkar, Sc-G, Dr. Swapnali BArman, Sc-C, Sh. S.k Satyarthi, JE Rajneesh Goel, AO Pardeep Kumar,LDC Sh. Padam Sharma, MTS PDF
88 Technical visit for the students (class 9-12) of GIC, Daulatpur (Dist. Haridwar), Coordinator: Dr. L. N. Thakural, Sc C Feb 02, 2019 NIH, Roorkee 90
89 Training Programme on Water Quality Monitoring of Surface , Ground, Waste Water/ Effluent, Data Interpretation and Quality Assurance Coordinator: Dr. C. K. Jain, Sc G Feb 11-13 , 2019 NIH, Roorkee 21 PDF
90 5-Days Training Course on Coastal Zone Water Resources: Challenges, Investigation Technique and Management. Coordinator: Dr. M. Someshwar Rao, Sc E Feb 11-15 , 2019 NIH, Roorkee 15 PDF
91 One day workshop under Sarwa Shikshya Abhiyan Coordinator: Dr. A. K. Lohani, Sc G Feb 22,2019 NIH, Roorkee
92 Training Course on Sediment Yield & Reservoir Sedimentation Coordinator: Dr. P. K. Singh, Sc D; Er. M. K. Nema, Sc C Feb 25 to March 01 , 2019 NIH, Roorkee 12
93 Training Course on Hydrological Modeling using HEC-HMS & HEC-RAS Coordinator: Dr. A. K. Lohani, Sc G Feb 27 to March 01 , 2019 WRD, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh