Hydrological Instrumentation Laboratory

The Hydrological Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with conventional as well as modern equipments for various hydrologic measurements. Important instruments available in the laboratory include: Automatic Weather Station, Automatic Rain Gauges (Weighing type, Tipping Bucket type), Self Recording Rain Gauges (Siphon type), Automatic Snow Gauges (IMD type, Anti-freeze type and Weighing type), Digital Evaporation Recorder, Digital Wind Speed & Direction Recorder, Hand-held Anemometer, Non-Recording Rain Gauges, Evaporation Pan, Digital Surface Water Level Recorders, Digital Ground Water Level Recorders, Water Level Indicators (Sounders), Propeller Water Current Meter, Mini Current Meter, Ocean Flow Meter, Suspended Sediments Sampler, Depth Water Sampler, Weirs, Terrameter, EM Conductivity Meter, Digital Soil Moisture Meter, Digital Soil Moisture Recorder, Tensiometers, Guelph Permeameter for Hydraulic Conductivity, Soil Water Samplers etc.

  • Hydrological Instrumentation Laboratory Hydrological Instrumentation Laboratory