instrument developed

The Institute has also taken up the work of development and improvement in the hydrological instruments available in the country. In recent past, the Institute has developed the following hydrological instruments :

  • Weighing  type raingauge

  • Snow Water Equivalent Sensor Using Load

  • Cell
    Microcontroller Based Data Logger For use with Various Hydrological Instruments

  • Shaft Encoder Based Water Level/ Stage Recorder

  • Soil Moisture Instruments for in-situ measurements

  • Optical in-situ suspended sediment sensor


Details of Some of the Instruments Developed by the Institute

Development of Instrument for Automation of Irrigation Scheduling & Ground Water Recharge Monitoring using Soil Moisture Measurement

An improved prototype soil moisture instrument was developed and field-tested in the Institute's campus. Data logging software for (i) controlling the data logger's electronics, and (ii) collection and storage of soil resistance data from the various electrodes, was developed in the assembly language of Intel's 8031 micro controller. Also, a software module for the transfer of soil resistance data from the data logger to a PC was developed. Simultaneously, software (in one of the high-level languages, e.g. FORTRAN) was worked out for interpretation of the soil resistance data in terms of soil moisture content in the soil profile.

Indigenous Development of Hydrologic Instruments with the provision to use Data-logger for the Measurement of Rainfall, Runoff and Sediment Load

The complete set-up of data-logger along with sensors including Solar Power Panel was installed at Indo-German project site, Arki in Himachal Pradesh for the field testing and comparison of these equipment with German instruments already installed there. The results received from the testing of the equipment have been found satisfactory.