NIH Library

The Institute since its inception has been in the continuous process of building and updating a good technical library with latest publications in the area of hydrology and water resources.In the year 2015-16, 167 new books, 28 technical reports, 1 ISO standard, and 500 bound periodicals have been added to the collection of the library. The total collection of the library has reached upto 23,907 publications, comprising 12,491 books, 3,925 bound periodicals, 6,099 technical reports, 315 Indian and foreign standards, 1,036 technical papers / reprints and 41 microfiches. The library is currently subscribing 34 Indian and 27 foreign periodicals. Out of them, online versions of 26 international periodicals are also available. Eight periodicals are in Hindi. In addition to the Institute employees, library’s resources are being utilised widely by users from other organizations.
For automating the library’s activities and services, latest version of LibSys software with Web OPAC and separate server and client PCs are in operation.