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Research Management and Outreach Division(RMOD)


Dr. V.C.GoyalDr. V C Goyal,
Head (RMOD)
Phone: 01332-249226; Telefax: 01332-276417

Research Management and Outreach Division(RMOD) is responsible for coordination and management of research activities within the Institute setup, and for networking and liaison with ministries, academic and research organizations, industry, NGOs, UNESCO, WMO, etc. RMOD is set up to facilitate effective dissemination of scientific output of the Institute. The RMOD is headed by a senior scientist.


  • To coordinate research activities among Scientific Divisions & RCs/CFMSs
  • To coordinate and liaise with the Ministry of Water Resources (GoI) and other ministries and departments of the Central and State Governments
  • To promote and disseminate research outputs with the academia, industry, CBOs, planners, etc.
  • To explore evolution of programmes in emerging and niche areas


  • Organization of thematic consultations, lectures, etc.
  • Publication of policy papers, policy briefs, science-policy-community interface
  • Coordination of IEC activities and capacity building programmes
  • S&T dissemination (documentation, publicity, drawing section, AV unit, exhibitions)
  • Publication of NIH newsletter
  • Coordination of technical/scientific meetings
  • Promotion of international cooperation
  • Preparation of documents (e.g. annual action plan, outcome budget, performance budget, Result Framework Document (RFD), Plan document)
  • Facilitation of technology commercialization and IPR issues