Completed studies

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Runoff and Sediment Yield for Puthimari River- A Major Tributary of River Brahmaputra
  2. Groundwater Quality Assessment of Morigaon district of Assam with emphasis on Arsenic & Fluoride Contamination
  3. Hydrological behavior of two mid-sized mountainous catchments under the influence of climate change
  4. Evaluation of Ground Water Quality in Shillong – the Capital City of Meghalaya
  5. Estimation of Runoff for Kulsi River Basin using NRCS Curve Number and Geographic Information System
  6. Morphometric Analysis of Kulsi Basin using different Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)
  7. Flood Inundation Modelling of Beki River Basin of Assam
  8. Development of regional methods for design flood estimation in North Brahmaputra subzone 2 (a)
  9. Linear hydrological routing using Satellite precipitation datasets for flood forecasting in parts of Brahmaputra Basin
  10. Modelling Non-point Source Pollution
  11. Plan for Upgrading Water Quality Monitoring Network for Meghalaya
  12. Acid Mine Drainage in Coal Mining Areas of Meghalaya
  13. Assessment of Water Quality in Meghalaya
  14. Status Report on Flood Inundation and Flood Hazard Mapping with Special Reference to Brahmaputra in North East India
  15. Pilot Basin Study: Assessment of Ground Water Quality in Kulsi River Basin (Assam/Meghalaya).
  16. Pilot Basin Study: Infiltration Behaviour under Various Land Use and its Modeling in Kulsi River Basin (Assam/Meghalaya)
  17. Pilot Basin Study: Status Report on Kulsi River Basin (Assam/Meghalaya)
  18. Application of the Arc-SWAT Model for the Prediction of Runoff within Kulsi River Basin
  19. Status Report on Soil Erosion and Sedimentation in Brahmaputra River Basin
  20. Flood Inundation Mapping using RRI Model for Kulsi River Basin (Assam/Meghalaya)
  21. Short Term Flood Forecasting Using Bootstrap based Artificial Neural Networks within Kulsi River Basin
  22. Evaluation of Ground Water Quality with More Emphasis on Arsenic Contamination in Nalbari District of Assam.
  23. Evaluation of Ground Water Quality with More Emphasis on Arsenic Contamination in Barpeta District of Assam

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