Ongoing Studies

Sr.No. Name of study
1 Evaluation of Impacts of Rabi Irrigation in Ganga River Sub Basins of Madhya Pradesh.
2 Impacts of Upcoming Irrigation Projects and Climate Change on the Droughts and Desertification Scenario for Chambal Basin in Western Madhya Pradesh.
3 Estimation of Revised Capacities in Reservoirs of Chhattisgarh State using Digital Image Processing technique: Part-III (Sikasar, Pipariya, Miniyarim Chhirpani and Khutaghat reservoirs).
4 Hydrological Modelling for Evaluation of Return Flow and Irrigation Planning for Optimal Utilization of Water Resources in the Command of Sanjay Sagar Project in Madhya Pradesh.
5 Development of Decision Tool for Efficient Utilization of Water Resource in Parwati Canal & Dholpur Piped irrigation Project of Rajasthan.
6 Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change and Land use Change on the Hydrology of the Narmada basin through Hydrological Modelling Approaches
7 Modeling of Tawa Reservoir Catchment and Development of Tawa Reservoir Operation Policy
8 Modeling of Narmada using GWAVA.