The Western Himalayan Regional Centre (WHRC) is one of the six Regional Centres of NIH and is operational at Jammu since January 1990. The area of jurisdiction of WHRC covers the States of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and hill regions of Uttarakhand. The Centre has the main focus to carry out field-oriented hydrological studies through close interaction with various State and Central Government departments in order to undertake, aid, promote and coordinate systematic and scientific work in all aspects of hydrology; and to cooperate and collaborate with other organizations in the field of hydrology.


  • Water - Quantity & Quality
  • Assessment of Climate change impact on water resources in the Western Himalayan Region (WHR)
  • Flood and River Basin Modelling
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Cryospheric studies
  • Hydrology of lakes
  • Soil erosion & sedimentation studies
  • Effects of afforestation/deforestation on hydrological regime
  • Hydrological network improvement & instrumentation
  • Remote sensing application in Hydrology
  • Spring inventory & Spring Sanctuary development


  • Assessment of impact of climate change on hydrological variables
  • Analysis and design of hydrological networks
  • Long-term hydrological data generation in selected climatic regimes
  • Monitoring and hydrological modelling of Himalayan Cryosphere
  • Water quality studies for better living
  • Prioritization of catchments for soil conservation using RS & GIS
  • Water resources management aspects in Kandi belt
  • Technology transfer and mass awareness initiatives