Completed studies

Jammu and Kashmir
S.N. Year Title
1 1990-91 Hydrometeorology of Ujh river sub basin
2 1990-91 Hydrological aspects of river Tawi
3 1991 Status report on snowmelt modelling studies
4 1991-92 Status report on forest hydrology
5 1991-92 Landuse mapping of Tawi catchment using satellite data
6 1991-92 Water availability study of river Tawi J&K State
7 1991-92 Water availability studies-Ujh river basin
8 1992-93 Hydrological network for Tawi- J&K
9 1992-93 Infiltration studies in Jammu region
10 1992-93 Hydrogeomorphological study of Tawi catchment,J&K
11 1994-95 Flood protection studies using HEC-2 model on river Tawi near Jammu bridge site
12 1994-95 Water quality studies of Surinsar lake in Jammu region
13 1994-95 Ground water quality monitoring and evaluation in district Jammu (J&K)
14 1994-95 A runoff model for snow dominated catchment in Greater Himalayas
15 1995-96 Modelling surface runoff from microwatersheds
16 1995-96 A study of sediment yield of Chenab river system in Western Himalayas
17 1995-96 Ground Water Quality Variations in Jammu & Kathua Districts (J&K)
18 1996-97 Ground water quality studies in Jammu and Kathua districts
19 1996-97 Water quality study of Mansar lake, Distt. Udhampur, J&K
20 1996-97 Soil physio-chemical properties of Basantar catchment, J&K
21 1997-98 Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation of Mansar Lake
22 1997-98 Ground water quality monitoring and evaluation in Jammu and Kathua districts
23 1998-99 Spatial variability of ground water quality in Jammu district
24 1998-99 Ground water quality monitoring and evaluation in Jammu and Kathua districts
25 1998-99 Bathymetry study of Mansar lake
26 1998-99 Gemorphological study of Devak basin
27 1998-99 Landuse/land cover mapping of Devak basin
28 1999-2000 Surface and ground water quality evaluation in parts of Udhampur district (J&K)
29 1999-2000 Hydrological problems in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
30 1999-2000 Sedimentation study of Mansar lake
31 1999-2000 Inventory of water bodies in the Western Himalayan region: Part-I (Jammu & Kashmir)
32 1999-2000 Snowmelt modelling in Marsudhar basin of Chenab river
33 1999-2000 Hydrological studies in a representative basin: Juni Nadi watershed (Near Katra, Dist. Udhampur)
34 2000-01 Hydrogeology of the Kandi belt of Jammu region
35 2000-01 Geomorphology and soil erosion in Juni Nadi watershed
36 2000-01 Spatio-temporal evaluation of ground water quality in the Jammu region
37 2000-01 Low-flow analysis for the Tawi river at Jammu
38 2000-01 Hydrological aspects of rainwater harvesting in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
39 2001-02 Meteorological data collection & analysis in Juni nadi watershed
40 2001-02 Groundwater quality in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
41 2001-02 Evaluation of rainwater availability in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
42 2001-02 Testing of weighing snow gauge
43 2001-02 Physico-chemical characteristics and trophic state of water in Mansar lake, district Udhampur, J&K
44 2001-02 Landuse mapping of the Kandi belt of Jammu region
45 2002-03 Rainfall-runoff modelling of Tawi catchment using ANN technique
46 2002-03 Delineation and prioritization of watersheds in Jammu Siwaliks
47 2002-03 Mapping and inventory of village ponds for water harvesting in Kandi belt of Jammu
48 2002-03 Evaluation of irrigation water quality in the command area of Ranbir canal
49 2002-03 Analysis of soil erosion in Tawi catchment
50 2002-03 Meteorological data collection in Juni Nadi watershed
51 2003-04 Rainfall analysis for the Kashmir region
52 2003-04 Estimation of SCS-CN for some ungauged watersheds in Siwaliks of Jammu through RS & GIS
53 2003-04 Estimation of groundwater recharge from rainfall in Kandi belt of Jammu region
54 2003-04 Geohydrological study of foothill zone in parts of Jammu and Kathua districts, J&K
55 2003-04 Rate and Pattern of Sedimentation of Surinsar Lake using Radimetric Dating Technique, District Jammu, J&K
56 2006-07 Evaluation of water harvesting structures in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
57 2006-07 “A Historical Water Body – The Dal Lake” Report prepared for Nomination of Dal Lake as the World Heritage Site of UNESCO
58 2007-08 Change detection of selected Western Himalayan Glaciers
59 2008-09 Hydrological Evaluation of a Proposed Artificial Lake
60 2009-10 Development of Flood Forecasting Model for Chenab River Basin
61 2009-10 Estimation of areal and volumetric changes of selected glaciers in Jammu & Kashmir
62 2010-11 Hydrological evaluation of Leh Flash Flood August 5, 2010
63 2012-13 Trend Analysis of Hydrological Variables in Western Himalayan Region – Phase – I (J & K)
64 2013-14 Status report on environmental flow assessment (EFA) in the context of Western Himalayan region
65 2016-17 Impact of land use changes on environmental flows of Tawi river at Jammu
66 2016-17 Climate change effects on hydrology of the Tawi basin in Western Himalaya
67 2016-17 PBS: Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Study in Tawi River Basin, JK
68 2016-17 Estimation of sediment yield and identification of areas vulnerable to soil erosion and deposition in a western Himalayan catchment
69 2017-18 National Hydrology Project: Project Implementation Plan of River Basins in Jammu Division of J&K [ Requested study by IFCD]
70 2017-18 Technical vetting of Tawi Riverfront Development Project: Hydrology and Hydraulic (Model Study) Report

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh
S.N. Year Title
1 1990-91 Temperature lapse rate study in Satluj catchment
2 1990-91 Hydrological investigations on Chhota Shigri glacier (HP)
3 1992-93 Snow cover mapping for Baira catchment (H.P.)
4 1993-94 Hydrologic studies for improvement of Khajjiar lake (HP)
5 1993-94 RBS: Baira nalla sub-catchment-H.P. Part-I
6 1993-94 Infiltration studies in Baira nalla sub-catchment-H.P.
7 1993-94 Hydrogeomorphological study of Baira nalla sub-catchment (HP)
8 1995-96 Landuse/land cover mapping of Baira nalla sub-catchment above Tissa (H.P.)
9 2000-01 Regional rainfall analysis for Himachal Pradesh
10 2002-03 Meteorological data collection and analysis in a selected watershed near Hamirpur (H.P.)
11 2003-04 Snow and Glacier contribution in the Beas river at Pandoh Dam site