Ongoing R&D Studies

S.No Title Duration PI
1 Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling for floodplain inundation mapping under future climate change scenarios: A case study of Tawi River, India. 3 Years (Aug, 2018 to March, 2021) Dr. R.V. Kale, Scientist ‘D’
2 Assessment of Hydrological Characteristics of a Western Himalayan River: A study of Ujh River, India 2 Years (Sept 2018 to Sept 2020) Er. Drona Khurana, SRA
3 Statistical evaluation of global precipitation estimates over data scarce Western Himalayan Region of India 02 Years (Sept. 2019to Sept.2021) Er. D.S. Bisht, Scientist ‘B’
4 Estimation of changes in snow cover and glacier mass balance for Upper Chenab Basin August, 2020 to August, 2022 Dr. P.G. Jose, Scientist ‘D’