Internal R&D Studies

S.No. Title Partners Duration PI
1 Forecasting of Flash flood and Management of East Flowing Rivers of India’s sub  Zone 4 (A) A.P  Water Resources Department December 2017-December 2020 Sri R VenkataRamana
2 Evaluation of urban storm water network in Hyderabad city using SWMM. GHMC, Hyderabad Arpil 2013 to March 2016 Sri R VenkataRamana
3 IWRM studies: Assessment of water availability in the upper Yerrakaluva basin AP Water Resources Department 2014-17 Dr Y R SatyajiRao
4 Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Nitrate Transport Modeling in the Coastal Aquifer of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh AP Groundwater Department 2004 to 2007 Dr Y R Satyaji Rao
5 Impact Assessment of climate change on hydrological regime in Sabari sub-basin, Godavari river system A.P Irrigation Dept. 2009-2011 Dr V S Jeyakanthan,
6 Groundwater Modelling study in the Pushkar canal command area in Andhra Prades A.P Groundwater Dept.   Dr S V Vijaya Kumar, Scientist F
7 Groundwater  Modelling of Puri city, Orissa Water Resources Dept., Odisha 2009-2011 Dr P C Nayak
8 Statistical downscaling and assessment of climate change impact on hydrology of Mahanadi river basin Water Resources Dept., Odisha 2013-2016 Dr P C Nayak
9 Analysis of high frequency groundwater levels data in the coastal aquifers of Andhra Pradesh AP Groundwarer Dept 2013-2015 Sri B Krishna