Ongoing Projects

  1. Study on Pre and Post project Scenarios and IWRM under Pushkar Canal Command Area in Andhra Pradesh
  2. Statistical downscaling and assessment of climate change impact on hydrology of Mahanadi river basin
  3. Evaluation of urban storm water network in Hyderabad using SWMM
  4. Storm water management in Otteri Nullah sub basin, Chennai Corporation, Chennai, Tamilnadu (PDS-HP-II).
  5. Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Nitrate Transport Modelling in the Coastal Aquifer of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. (CS/AR-2/2008).
  6. Impact Assessment of climate change on Hydrological Regime in Sabari sub basin, Godavari River system.
  7. Capacity estimation of Singur Reservoir, Andhra Pradesh using sub-pixel classification approach.
  8. Groundwater Modelling of Puri city, Odisha.
  9. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) studies in Yerrakaluva Basin, Andhra Pradesh.