Technology Transfer

Science & Technology

Whatever expertise gained by the Institute through interactions and research & development activities is disseminated through various technology transfer activities to user organisations. Main activities include, organisation of workshops, training courses, seminar and symposia etc. at NIH head quarters, it's regional centres and other places covering almost all states. NIH has organised a number of workshops and courses covering a wide variety of topics and thrust areas. Participants are acquanted with the advances techniques and their applications for providing the solutions to real life hydrological problems through lecture, tutorial, computer sessions, laboratory and field visits

Appropriate training packages which include course material, lecture notes, computer programmes etc. is also distributed. Duration of these workshop normaly varies from 5 days to two weeks and sometimes up to 8 weeks depending upon the requirements.

Institute's technical reports are being widely circulated free of cost to various State and Central Government organisations as a part of Technology Transfer Programme.

During the year 2009-10, following training courses and workshops were organized:

Science & Technology
Training Courses and Workshops organised Venue Duration (weeks)
Workshop to Discuss the Findings of Climate Change Studies Carried Out under MoWR Action Plan on Climate Change New Delhi 1 day
DSS Needs Assessment Workshop New Delhi 2 days
Hydrological Modelling NIH, Roorkee 1 week
Training Workshop on Project Hydrology DRC, Kakinada 4 day
Training Course on SWDES/HYMOS Software Goa 6 days
Training Course on Artificial Groundwater Recharge & Aquifer Management Kolkata 6 days
Rainfall Runoff and River Basin Modelling NIH, Roorkee 1 week
Rainfall Runoff and River Basin Modelling for Five States & Central Agencies NIH, Roorkee 2 weeks
Training Course on Hydrologic Studies for Major and Medium Irrigation Projects for 20 officers of Irrigation and CAD Department, AP. NIH Roorkee 12 days
Training Course on “Water Quality and its Management” in the collaboration of Central Soil and Materials Research Station (CSMRS), New Delhi CSMRS, New Delhi 1 week
Rainfall Runoff and River Basin Modelling for Four States & Central Agencies NIH, Roorkee 12 days
DSS(P) for Decision Makers New Delhi 1
Training Course on Groundwater Assessment Modelling and Management NIH RC Belgaum 1 week
Two days All India Workshop on Flood Risk Management’ organsied by NIH, Roorkee and Institution of Engineers(I), Roorkee Local Center Roorkee 2 days
Training Course on Data Processing and Validation using SWDES & HYMOS Software Nasik 1 week
Training workshop on Coastal Hydrology (Organized in collaboration with Andhra University, Vishakapatnam) DRC, Kakinada 1 week
Workshop on DSS(P) Model Conceptualization New Delhi 1
Flood Management WALMI, Anand 1 week
Training course on Hydrological Analysis in Ungauged Catchments: Special Reference to Flood Estimations. (Under HP-II Project) NIH Roorkee 1 week
Rainfall Runoff and River Basin Modelling NWA, Pune 12 days
Training Workshop on SWDES and/or HYMOS WALMI, Anand 4 days
Rainfall Runoff and River Basin Modelling NIH, Roorkee 12  days
Training Workshop on SWDES and/or HYMOS Shimla 4 days
Training course on Remote sensing and GIS Applications in Water Resources Management (under HPII) NIH Roorkee 1 week
Training Workshop on Flood Management in North-East Region Guwahati 2 days
Two days workshop on Applications of Downscaling Techniques for Climate Change Studies in Water Resources NIH Roorkee 2 days
Two days National Symposium on Climate Change and Water Resources in India (CCWRIN) NIH Roorkee 2 days
Mass Awareness Programs
Topic Period Venue
Stage Drama UPANAYAN on the theme Flood Management Dec. 12, 2009 Mirza (District Kamrup)
Mass Awareness Programme on Water Conservation Dec. 21, 2009 Changsari (District Kamrup)
Mass Awareness Programme on Climate Change and Global Warming Dec. 29, 2009 Nasatra (District Barpeta)
Participation in Assam International Trade Fair through distribution of pamphlets Feb. 8, 2010 Guwahati (District Kamrup)
Mass Awareness on Water Resources and Environment (Organized in collaboration with Science Vision (NGO), Kakinada) Feb. 25-26, 2010 DRC, Kakinada
Mass Awareness Training Program on “Rainwater Harvesting” Mar. 3, 2010 Khurai, Sagar District
Conducted an awareness programme on “Water Conservation”. Mar. 5, 2010 Bharatesh High School, Basavan Kudachi, Belgaum
Mass Awareness Training Program on “Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting” Mar.17, 2010 Khajuraho, Chhattarpur district
Celebration of World Water Day on the theme Clean Water for a Healthy World Mar. 22, 2010 Guwahati (District Kamrup)
World Water Day Mar. 22, 2010 Krishi Bhawan, Kakinada
(Organized in collaboration with Sristi foundation (NGO), Kakinada)
Mass Awareness on Groundwater and Rainwater (Organized in collaboration with Srishti foundation (NGO), Kakinada) Mar. 22,  2010 Krishi Bhawan, Kakinada
Celebrated  “World Water Day 2010” on  “Clean Water for Good Health and Preventing Water-borne Diseases” and “Water Resources Management with Special Emphasis on Water Quality”. Mar. 22, 2010. at KLE S College of Engineering, Belgaum