About Division

Dr C K Jain

Dr. J. V. Tyagi
Scientist-G & Head
Environmental Hydrology Division
National Institute of Hydrology
Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand),
India Ph: (Off.) 01332-272860, 249203
Fax: 01332-272123, Email:

About Division:

Environmental Hydrology Division aims to undertake aid, promote and coordinate basic, applied and strategic research in the area of environmental hydrology contributing to sustainable water resources development and management. The thrust areas of research in the Division include environmental monitoring and modelling including natural contaminants, point and non-point source pollution, adsorption kinetics and water sediment systems, transport and sedimentation of pollutants, contaminant transport modelling, metal specification/fractionation, ground water quality and aquifer contamination, low cost treatment/remediation technologies.

Research activities vary from those oriented towards specific problems, often at specific sites, to those focused on increasing the knowledge and understanding of fundamental processes that affect the availability, movement and quality of water. This include investigations of the fate and transport of hazardous substances, investigations of chemical, biologic and microbiologic processes that affect quality of water and research into the complex hydrologic phenomena of lakes and streams. All research aimed at improving understanding of how the quality and quantity of water are affected by the natural environment and the anthropogenic activities.

In addition to the above and keeping in view the complexity involved in chemical-soil-groundwater interactions, ground water quality studies related to drinking water, hazardous wastes, impact of pesticides, insecticides and other agricultural chemicals and microbial pollution in shallow wells etc. is being addressed through multidisciplinary approach.

Vision & Mission:

The Division undertakes sponsored/consultancy and demand driven research projects in the area of water quality and environment besides the institute funded internal research studies. Under technology transfer activities, the Division organises training courses in the area of water quality and environmental management including advanced instrumentation techniques. The Division also takes field and laboratory based R & D research projects related to monitoring, assessment and modelling of surface and ground water quality.