Consultancy Projects


S.N. Title Sponsoring Agency Partners Duration PI
1. Pilot Study on Ground Water Pollution in Hindon-Kali-Krishni River Catchment in Western Uttar Pradesh, Nov. 2013. WSSO, Lucknow - 6 months C. K. Jain
2. Water Safety Impact Assessment through Sanitary Improvement of India Mark II Hand Pumps in Moradabad Division, Uttar Pradesh, June 2015. UNICEF, Lucknow - 6 months C. K. Jain
3. Assessment of Ground Water Contamination due to Past Storage of Spent Wash in Kachcha Lagoons and Suggesting Remedial Measures, Dec. 2015. Saraya Distillery, Gorakhpur - 3 months C. K. Jain
4. Petroleum Product Contamination at Akolner Village, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and Suggesting Remedial Measures, Sep. 2016. MPCB, Mumbai
- 1 year C. K. Jain
5. Study on Ash Disposal from Ramagundam STPS and Telangana STPP into Mine Void of Medapalli Open Cast Mine, Nov. 2017. NTPC, Ramagundam - 1½ year C. K. Jain
6. Downstream Impacts of Water Withdrawal by TTPS from Brahmani River  (On-going) NTPC, Talcher - 6 months Pradeep Kumar