Completed Sponsored Projects

Title Sponsoring Agency Partners Duration PI
1 Environmental Flow Assessment for Yamuna River from Hathnikund Barrage to Okhla Barrage NMCG - 1 year(04/19 - 03/20) Anupma Sharma
2 Improving our Understanding of the Aquifer Systems in Sunderbans India-UK Water Centre (MoES & NERC) JNU 6 months (06/19 - 11/19) Gopal Krishan
3 Peya Jal Suraksha -Development ofSix Pilot Riverbank Filtration Demonstrating Schemes in Different Hydrogeological Settings for Sustainable Drinking Water Supply MoWR, RD & GR under Plan Fund State Departments 4.5 years(11/15–03/20) Surjeet Singh
4 Groundwater fluctuations and conductivity monitoring in Punjab BGS, UK and NIH - 2 years (12/2015-11/2017) Gopal Krishan
5 Baseline Hydro-geological data collection and analysis of Mewat district, Haryana Sehgal Foundation and NIH - 1 year (04/2016-03/2017) Gopal Krishan
6 Study of Feasibility and Scope of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) for Groundwater Augmentation in NCT, Delhi Min. of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation (MoWR, RD & GR) CWGB 6 months (04/2017-10/2017) N.C. Ghosh
7 Enhancement of natural water systems and treatment methods for safe and sustainable water supply in India (Project acronym: Saph Pani) European Union 20 partners from Europe and India 3 years (10/2011-09/2014) N.C. Ghosh
8 Coastal Groundwater Dynamics and Management in the Saurashtra Region, Gujarat. Hydrology Project, Phase-II GWRDC, Gujarat 4.5 years (11/2009-5/2014) Anupma Sharma

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