Internal R&D Studies

S.N. Title Partners Duration PI
1. Application of Satellite Data Products for Water Resources Assessment - 2 years(05/19 - 04/21) Suman Gurjar
2. The Regional Hydrological Impact of Farm-Scale Water Saving Measures in the Gangetic Plains CSIRO, Australia 1.5 years(08/19–02/21) Sumant Kumar
3. Integrated GEE-MODFLOW based Groundwater Recharge Assessment System for Hindon River System - 2 years(08/20 – 07/22) Nitesh Patidar
4. Impact on Salinity of River Mahadayi due to Proposed Dams on River Mahadayi - 5 months07/ 20-11/ 20 Gopal Krishan
5. Web Enabled “Conjunctive Use Model for Management of Surface and Ground Water using concept of MAR and ASR” - 2 years04/2016 -03/ 2018 Suman Gurjar
6. Alternate water supply management strategies in arsenic affected/vulnerable area: Mapping of Arsenic affected zones/regions in Eastern U.P. - 2 years03/ 2015-05/ 2017 Sumant Kumar
7. Managed Aquifer Recharge and Aquifer Storage Recovery CWGB 3.5 years (10/2011-03/2015) Sumant Kumar

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