About Division

Hydrological Investigations Division

Dr. Sudhir Kumar
Scientist-G & Head
Hydrological Investigations Division
National Institute of Hydrology
Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand), India
Ph: 01332-249212, 249308
TeleFax: 01332-275969, Email:

HID conducts field and laboratory based hydrological studies for sustainability of water sources using advanced isotope techniques, geophysical and hydrological techniques, in the areas of (i) Spring management, (ii) Lakes, reservoirs studies, (iii) Water management in mine areas, (iv) Dynamics of deeper aquifers, (v) Groundwater management, and (vi) Development / implementation of modern technology for measurement of various data.

The Division also has two state of art laboratories attached to it, namely, i) Nuclear Hydrology laboratory and ii) Hydrological Instrumentation laboratory. The Nuclear Hydrology laboratory has facilities to measure different types of radioactive and stable isotopes while Hydrological Instrumentation laboratory has state-of-art hydro-meteorological instruments for demonstration and measuring various hydro-meteorological parameters.

Current R & D activities

The division is working on surface water and groundwater interaction using isotopes; seepage from water bodies; salinity ingress in coastal aquifers; baseflow contribution in rivers during lean flow period; separation of snow melt, glacial melt, base flow and rainfall-runoff from river runoff; groundwater age determination;) sedimentation in water bodies; identification of recharge zones of springs in mountainous areas; identification of different sources of air moisture, arrival and withdrawal of monsoon vapours; lake hydrology; hydro-geological investigations.

Apart from R&D studies, the Division is engaged in sponsored and consultancy projects related to water availability of lakes, groundwater dynamics in deeper aquifers, sustainability of intensively exploited aquifer systems, assessment of baseflow and its impact on water quality, hydrogeological study for dewatering of mines, identification of source and locations of leakage/seepage from dam / canals, and hydrogeological investigations etc.

Interaction with other organizations

Currently, the Division is involved in a number of research projects sponsored by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Austria, related to groundwater dynamics in Uttar Pradesh, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) related to identification of efficacy of structural and non-structural measures on spring discharge. The institute is working closely with CGWB, JNU, NCESS (Trivendrum), GBPIHEMD (Almora), DU, NTPC, WAPCOS, IITR and CWRDM.

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