S.N. Name Designation Email, Phone no. & STD code Areas of Specialisation Photograph
1 Dr. Sudhir Kumar Scientist G skumar[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Isotopes Hydrology
Groundwater Management and Modelling
Hydrological Investigations
Hydrology of mines, coastal areas and Hardrock areas
Spring hydrology
2 Dr. Suhas Khobragade Scientist G suhas[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Lake hydrology
Evaporation and evapotranspiration
Sedimentation in lakes
Eutrophication and water quality of lakes
Isotope applications to lake studies
Integrated lake basin management (ILBM)
3 Dr. M Someshwar Rao Scientist F somesh[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Application of Isotopes in Surface Water, Groundwater, Atmospheric Moisture and Climate Studies
4 Dr. Soban Singh Rawat Scientist E ssrawat[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Mountainous Hydrology
5 Dr. Santosh M. Pingale Scientist C pingalesm[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Climate Change
Water Resources Management
Hydrological Modelling
Remote Sensing and GIS
Groundwater hydrology and modelling
6 Sh. Hukam Singh Scientist B singhhukam[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Hydrological Investigations
7. Ms. Anjali Scientist B anjali[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Contaminant Transport Modeling, Numerical Modelling of Groundwater Flow & Solute Transport, Isotope Hydrology
Scientific & Technical Staff
1 Sh. Rajeev Gupta PRA guptarajeev[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Operation & maintenance of Liquid Scintillation Counter
Operation & maintenance of Gamma Spectrometer
Field work for various Hydrological Investigations
Sediment Dating
2 Sh. Vipin Kr Agarwal PRA vipinkagarwal[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Operation & maintenance of Ultra Low Level Liquid Scintillation Counter
Operation & maintenance of CO2 Absorption Line
Field work for various Hydrological Investigations
Groundwater Dating
3 Sh. Vishal Gupta SRA vishal[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Operation & maintenance of CF-IRMS
Operation & maintenance of DI-IRMS
Operation & maintenance of Laser based IRMS
Equipments for Hydrological Investigations
4 Mrs. Meenakshi Mishra PA meenakshimishra[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in

+91-1332 249308
Administrative Support
5 Sh. Satya Prakash MTS (T) satya[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Operation & maintenance of Electronics equipment of HI & Nuclear Lab
6 Sh. Jagdish Chaudhary MTS (T) jagdish[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Operation of De-ionised water plant
Lab work for various Hydrological Investigations

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