Sponsored Projects

S.N. Title Funding PI Duration Status
1 Innovation Centre for Eco-Prudent Wastewater Solutions (IC-EcoWS) DST (GoI) V.C. Goyal (PI)
Partners: NIH, MNIT-Jaipur, IIT-Bombay, IRMA-Ahmedabad
Apr 2019-Mar 2024 On-going
2 Guidebook on S&T Interventions for Pond Rejuvenation including the outcomes of DST’s Networking projects on Revival of Village Ponds through Scientific Interventions An Initiative of National Geospatial Programme (NGP) (Erstwhile NRDMS), DST, GoI Dr. V.C. Goyal (PI) Completed
3 Rejuvenation of village ponds in identified villages of Baghpat, Ghaziabad and Meerut districts of Uttar Pradesh MoJS-sponsored project (through Plan Budget) Omkar Singh (PI) Jan. 2018- Dec. 2020 Completed
4 Integrating hydrology, climate change and IWRM with livelihood issues: Development of methodology and a DSS for water-scarce Bundelkhand region in India (Under IIASA - India  Project Cluster)  TIFAC, DST, Govt. of India Dr. V. C. Goyal   Completed
5 IWRM Based Development Plan for Water Security in Four Districts of Bundelkhand Region in India MoWR,RD&GR, Govt. of India   Dr. V. C. Goyal   Completed
6 Development of water allocation plan for identified watersheds in Kanker district (Chhattisgarh) Shifted from NNWP A R Senthil kumar (PI) Apr 2018-Mar 2020 Completed
7 Rejuvenation of village ponds for identified villages in Muzaffarnagar and Meerut districts of UP MoJS-sponsored project-Through INCSW V C Goyal (PI) Apr 2017- Mar 2020 Completed
8 Vulnerability assessment of identified watersheds in Neeranchal Project States NNWP Jyoti P Patil (PI) Jul 2017- Jun 2019 Completed
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