Completed Studies (Sponsored)

Title Sponsoring Agency Partners Duration(In Years) P.I.
Impact assessment of climate change on water resources and agriculture in Banas basin in western India using climate change indicators (CII’s). Approval for signing tde sub-contract witd SMHI and transfer of funds to NIH has not been received. tderefore, NIH continues in tde consortium as “In Kind Partner”. tde objectives of CII development and script writing will be taken up by tde core team at SMHI witd help from NIH. SMHI - 1.5 years (Sep. 2017 to Feb. 2019) Dr.(Smt)  Archana Sarkar
Effect of changing global tropospheric temperature on Asia-Pacific monsoon circulation and rainfall fields across India. SERB-DST - 4 years (Oct. 2014 to Nov. 2018) Dr.(Smt) Ashwini Ranade