Internal R&D Studies

S.N. Title PI Co-PI (Team) Duration
1 Application of unified-extreme-value (UEV) distribution for flood frequency: (1) Mahi & Sabermati subzone – 3a (2) Godavari subzone – 3e Dr. S K Singh - April 2021 To March 2022
2 Uncertainty in rating curves and discharge estimation Dr. Sanjay Kumar Dr. L N Thakural
Dr. Sunil Gurrapu
Mr. N K Bhatnagar
Mr. J P Patra
April 2021 To March 2023
3 Assessment of climate change impact on water availability and agriculture in part of Banas basin. Dr. Archana Sarkar Dr. Surjeet Singh
Ms. Suman Gurjar
Dr. Sunil Gurrapu
November 2018 To August 2021
4 Evaluation of seasonal extreme rain events across river basins of India in 3D global temperature change scenario Dr. Ashwini Ranade Dr. Archana Sarkar April 2018 To October 2021
5 Probabilistic dam break flood wave simulation and flood risk assessment for preparation of EAP for Mahi Bajaj Sagar dam in Rajastan Mr. J P Patra Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Dr. Pankaj Mani
Dr. Sunil Gurrapu
July 2020 To August 2022
6 Evaluation of the influence of low-frequency atmosphere-ocean oscillation on annual floods in the watersheds of the Indian subcontinent Dr. Sunil Gurrapu Dr. Ashwini Ranade
Mr. J P Patra
November 2018
October 2021

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