Seminar / Symposia

1). International conference/symposia/Seminar Organised

  • 3rd World’s Large River Conference on the “Status and Future of the World’s Large Rivers”, New Delhi, India from April 18 – 21, 2017 (Dr A.K. Lohani)

2). National conference/symposia /brainstorming/Seminar Organised (5)

  • Organised one-day seminar on “Rainwater harvesting” at The Institution of Engineers (India), Roorkee Local Center in December 2005. (Dr. A.K. Lohani)
  • Organised 13th National Symposium on Hydrology with Focal Theme on "Inflow Forecasting During Extremes” 28-29 August 2008, at New Delhi. (Dr. A.K. Lohani)
  • Organised Brain Storming Session on “Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Adaptation Strategies” (Dr. A.K. Lohani & R.Jha), April 23-24, 2008, at CSMRS, New Delhi
  • Organized two days National Symposium on: “Climate Change and Water Resources in India (CCWRIN)”, 18-19 Nov. 2009, Roorkee, Organised by IAH at National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee. (Dr S.K. Jain & Dr. A.K. Lohani)