Internal R&D Studies

Research &Consultancy Activities (of SWHD)
Internal R&D Studies Internal Studies:
  1. Data book (2001-2013) hydro-meteorological observatory, NIH. Roorkee.
  2. Climate Change Scenario Generation using statistical downscaling.
  3. Climatic variability analysis and its impact on Himalayan watershed in Uttarakhand.
  4. Snowmelt runoff modelling and study of the impact of climate change in part of Brahmaputra river basin.
  5. Impact of climate change on glaciers and glacial lakes: case study on glof in Teesta basin.
  6. Hydrological studies for upper Narmada basin.
  7.   Development of real time flood forecasting for downstream of hirakund dam.
  8. State-of-the-art report on soil erosion and sediment transport modelling
  9. Sedimentation studies for pong reservoir, Himachal Pradesh
  10. Study of hydro-meteorological droughts for Chitrakoot in Bundelkhand region in India.
  11. Event-based rainfall-runoff modelling using soft computing techniques.
  12. Development of analytical solutions for alternate and sequent depths in rectangular channels: non-uniform velocity.
  13. Development of analytical solutions for sequent depths in rectangular channels
  14. Snow cover variability in the upper Yamnotri basin.
  15. Rainfall-runoff modelling in arpa sub-basin using NAM.
  16. Application of DSS(P)for integrated water resources development and management
  17. Quantitative assessment of uncertainties in river discharge estimation.
  18. Evaluation and modelling of hydrological support systems for watersheds of Garhwali, Uttarakhand hills.
  19. Impact of anthropogenic and climate change on sediment load of rivers (status report).
  20.   Generalization and parameter estimation of GEV distribution for flood analysis.
  21. Development of analytical equation for alternate depths for flow in rectangular channels.
  22. Suspended sediment flux modelling in the largest sub-basin of Brahmaputra.
  23. Systematic treatment and analytical solutions for surges and bores in rectangular channels.
  24. Estimation of water balance for integrated water resources management in Yerrakalva pilot basin, A.P.
  25. Decision support system for water resources planning in upper Bhima basin, Maharashtra.
  26. Analytical solution for meeting of two surges or bores.
  27. Study of regional drought characteristics and long term changes in supplemental irrigation water requirement in Seonath basin in Chhattisgarh.
  28. Snowmelt runoff modelling and study of the impact of climate change in Sharda river basin.
  29. Study on effect of climate change on sediment yield to pong reservoir.
  30. Flood and sediment studies in Himalayan basin using mike-11 model.
  31. Effect of climate change on evaporation at point scale.
  32. Study of rainfall patterns and comparison of rainfall data from different sources for Uttarakhand state.
  33. Hydrological modelling of Brahmani Baitarani river basin using e-water source platform