Sponsored studies

Sponsored studies
  1. Study of Brahmaputra River Erosion and its Control.
  2. Experimental Verification of SCS Runoff Curve Numbers for Selected Soils and Land Uses.
  3. Hydrologic Response of a River Basin in Changing Climate.
  4. Climate Vulnerability, Hazard and Risk: An Integrated Pilot Study in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh.
  5. Modelling of Gangotri Glacier melt runoff and simulation of stream flow variation under different climatic scenarios.
  6. Effect of Changing Global Tropospheric Temperature on Asia-Pacific Monsoon Circulation and Rainfall Fields across India.
  7. State Specific Action Plan (SSAP) for Water Sector for 17 States and UTs.
  8. Hydrological modelling in Bhagirathi basin up to Tehri dam and assessment of climate change impact.
  9. Hydrological modelling in Alaknanda basin and assessment of climate change impact.
  10. Water RAIN-Him: Changes in water Resources and Adaptation options in Indian-Himalayan basins.
  11. Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Water Resources and Agriculture in Banas basin in Western India using Climate change Indicators(CII’s).
  12. Water efficient irrigation by using SCADA system for medium irrigation project (MIP) Shahnehar