About Division

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Scientist-G & Head
Surface Water Hydrology Division
National Institute of Hydrology
Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand), India
Ph: 01332-249205, 275645
Fax: 01332-272123, Email:

A comprehensive understanding of the various hydrologic processes associated with surface water hydrology is a pre-requisite for optimal planning, development and management of the water resources for sustainable development and well being of the society. The Division is carrying out R&D on various aspects of surface water hydrology. The thrust areas of research of the Division include: (i) water availability analysis, flow duration curve analysis and environmental flow requirement, (ii) flood estimation, (iii) flood routing (iv) hydrological modeling, (v) structural and non-structural measures of flood management, (vi) snow and glacier melt monitoring and modeling (vii) urban hydrology, (viii) watershed management studies, (ix) sedimentation studies for flood control, (x) socio-economic aspects flood disasters, (xi) drought mitigation and management (xii) impact of climate change  on water resources.

R & D work presently engaged with: The Division is actively pursuing the basic and applied research pertaining to various aspects of surface water hydrology. These include hydrology of extremes i.e. floods and droughts, hydrological modeling, prediction in ungauged basins, flood forecasting, dam break analysis, flood inundation modeling and flood hazard assessment, project hydrology, application of DSS(P) for integrated water resources development and management, modeling of snow and glacier melt, water availability analysis, environmental flow requirement assessment, impact of climate change on water resources, applications of soft computing techniques in hydrology etc. The Division is engaged in conducting R & D work as well as in carrying out sponsored and consultancy projects. The Division has substantially contributed to the scientific applied hydrological studies. Several consultancy projects funded by various central and state government organizations, public sector and corporate sector have been completed successfully and many consultancy studies are under progress. The areas of some of the recently carried out consultancy studies include: (i) water availability analysis and EFR estimation; (ii) design flood estimation for hydro-electric projects; (iii) hydrological study for institutional campus development; (iv) dam break analysis of various dams for preparation of EAP; (v) estimation of design floods for bridges and other hydraulic structures; (vi) estimation of design basis flood and safe grade elevation for nuclear   and thermal power plants; (vii) area drainage studies for nuclear and thermal power plants; (viii) hydrodynamic modelling of river for preparing flood mitigation plans; (ix) hydrological and hydraulic model study to assess impact of embanks and other reclamation works of riverfront development project; and (x) flood inundation modelling and flood hazard assessment. Under technology transfer program, the Division organizes various activities viz. seminars/ symposia/ training courses/ workshops in the area of Surface Water hydrology.

Interaction with other organizations: In pursuance of various R& D activities the Division has made interactions with CWC,  CGWB, GFCC, IMD, IITM, NHPC, CPCB, DST, NPCIL, NTPC,  NSPCL, THDC, IITs, GMDA, RVNL, VMC, AUD, NEEPCO, NGPC and various other academic as well as R & D institutions and state water resources departments etc. The Division has also been providing technical services to various organizations.

Brochure of Surface Water Hydrology Division