Completed Studies

Completed Internal R&D Studies:

  1. Assessment of effects of sedimentation on the capacity/life of Bhakra reservoir (Gobind sagar) on river Satluj and Pong reservoir on river Beas
  2. Integrated approach for snowmelt runoff studies and effect of anthropogenic activities in Beas basin
  3. Development of a flood forecasting model for the Chenab Basin
  4. Mathematical representation of Elevation-Area-Capacity curves for Indian reservoirs
  5. Application of a distributed hydrological model for river basin planning and management
  6. GIS Based Dams and Drought Information System
  7. Web Based Information System for Major and Minor Lake of India
  8. Web GIS based Snow Cover Information System for Himalayas
  9. Assessment of Water Footprint of the National Capital Territory of Delhi
  10. Web GIS based Snow Cover Information System for the Indus Basin
  11. Hydrological evaluation of Leh flash flood August 5, 2010
  12. Isotopic characteristics of Cryospheric waters of Jammu & Kashmir, India.
  13. Cryospheric system studies and runoff modeling of Ganglass catchment, Leh, Ladakh Range
  14. Trend and variability analysis of rainfall and temperature in Himalayan region
  15. Climate change effects on hydrology of the Tawi basin in Western Himalaya
  16. Variability of the hydro-climatic variables in Punjab plains of Lower Sutlej
  17. Assessing Climate Change Impact across KBK (Kalahandi-Bolangir-Koraput) region of Odisha
  18. Glacier change and glacier runoff variation in the upper Satluj river basin