Training Program/Workshops

S.N. Name of Course Period Venue
1. Course on Advanced Hydrology under NHP March 05–09, 2019 NIH, Roorkee
2. Training program on “Sediment Yield and Reservoir Sedimentation” Feb. 25, – March 01, 2019 NIH, Roorkee
3. Stakeholders’ Workshop on Water Census and Hotspot Analysis in Selected Villages in Upper Ganga basin under National Mission for Sustainable Himalayan Ecosystem (NMSHE) November 30, 2018
IISWC, Dehradun
4. Training course on “Hydrological Modelling Using HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS" August 27–31, 2018  NIH, Roorkee
5. Workshop on “DSS-H: Demonstration of Modules, Neeranchal National Watershed project July 18–22, 2018 Raipur
6. Training Workshop on “Reservoir Simulation Using NIH_ReSyP”  June 25–29, 2018 BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad
7. One-day online workshop on "Role of Geospatial Technology for Hydro-Meteorological Hazards and Disaster Management” organized by IIRS, Dehradun May 15, 2018.
NIH, Roorkee
8. COSMOS-India site operators meeting and one-day COSMOS-India Stakeholder’s workshop Oct 3-4, 2018 CWC, New Delhi
9. Workshop on “Capacity building in water forecasting for flood and water management“ organized by Bureau of Meteorology, Australia and National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee March 6–9, 2017 NIH, Roorkee
10. “Water Resources Management” for UNFAO, Kabul October 17–28, 2016 NIH, Roorkee
11. “Basic Hydrology for NE States”
Sept. 26–30, 2016 NIH, Guwahati.
12. ‘Water Resources Development and Management’ for the trainees from META, Nashik Aug 30–Sep 09, 2016 NIH, Roorkee
13. ‘Water Resources Development and Management’ for the trainees from META, Nashik Sep 20–30, 2016
NIH, Roorkee
14. International workshop on ‘Himalayan Permafrost under the Changing Climate” Organised by National Institute of Hydrology & International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) August 12, 2016 New Delhi
Overview of Water Resources Sector” for non-technical officers of MoWR, RD&GR August 3–5, 2016 NIH, Roorkee
Use of modeling techniques, GIS and remote sensing” for State Irrigation Engineers of Rajasthan state May 02–06, 2016
NIH, Roorkee
Hydrologic modeling using RS/GIS with Special reference to climate change” March 28–31, 2016 NIH, Roorkee
Application of CROPWAT Software” for in-service engineers March 8–11, 2016 HIRMI, Kurukshetra
19. Regional workshop on “Training needs assessment and PDS” under NHP Feb. 25, 2016. CWPRS, Pune
20. Regional workshop on “Training needs assessment and PDS” under NHP Feb. 19, 2016
BBMB, Chandigarh
Web Based Hydrological Tools Feb 16 – 20, 2016 NIH, Roorkee
22. Regional workshop on “Training needs assessment and PDS” under NHP Feb. 15, 2016 NIH Roorkee
“Remote Sensing and GIS applications in water sector” November 02–06, 2015 HIRMI, Kurukshetra
24. “Introduction of HEC based modelling solution” June 1–5 , 2015
NIH, Roorkee
“GIS applications in watershed management for the officers of NABARD” November 17–21 , 14 NIH, Roorkee
“GIS applications in Water Resources” sponsored by State water resources planning department, Jaipur, Rajasthan Oct. 06-Oct. 17, 2014
NIH, Roorkee
“Computer/ Internet usage” for the Institute’s Staff September 29–30, 2014 NIH Roorkee
‘Water Resources Development and Management’ sponsored by Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy, Nashik June 10–20, 2014
NIH Roorkee
UNFAO sponsored international training course “Hydrological modeling and GIS”, for participants from Afghanistan May 26–June 06, 2014
NIH Roorkee
Co-organized International Training Course cum Working Sessions on “Analysis of Monitoring Networks for Precipitation and Surface Water”, Sponsored by IAEA, Vienna April 07–18, 2014
NIH Roorkee
Training course on “Hydrological Data Entry & Processing using SWDES” March 18–20, 2014 WHRC, Jammu
Training course on Web based Hydrological Tools March 11–14, 2014 NIH Roorkee
“Application of NIH_ReSyP software” March 03–07, 2014 NIH, Roorkee
“GIS applications in water resources” for Rajasthan Engineers Feb. 24–March 07, 2014 NIH Roorkee
Hydrological Analysis using Statistical and Stochastic Technique: Special reference to Flood Estimation Feb. 24–28, 2014 NIH Roorkee
 ‘Using scripting and dashboard in DSS- Planning’ under HP-II for participants from Implementing Agencies Jan. 20–24, 2014
NIH, Roorkee
37. Workshop on Climate change, Cryosphere,Habitat and changing Livelihood pattern of Ladakh Region: An interdisciplinary approach towards developing adaptive strategies Sept. 17–26, 2013 Leh
Hydrologic modeling using RS/GIS with Special reference to climate change June 3–7, 2013 NIH, Roorkee
Training course on Web based Hydrological Tools March 12–15, 2013 NIH, Roorkee
“Hydrological Data Entry & Processing Using SWDES” February 26–28, 2013 WHRC, Jammu
41. Training course on “Application of remote sensing and GIS techniques in land use/cover, water resources and reservoir sedimentation” Feb. 18–22, 2013
WALMI, Anand
“Application of NIH_ReSyP software” Feb. 04–08, 2013 NIH, Roorkee
43. Training course on ‘Using Scripting and Dashboard in DSS- Planning June 4–8, 2012 NWA, Pune
44. “Remote sensing, GIS and GPS for Enginners of Karnataka March 19–22, 2012 A.T.I, Mysore
45. “Introduction to Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing Feb. 21–23, 2012 NEEPCO Guwahati
46. “Application of NIH_ReSyP software” Nov 28–Dec 02, 2011. NIH, Roorkee
47. “Planning and design of small hydropower projects” Nov. 21–25, 2011 NEEPCO, Guwahati
48. “Remote sensing and GIS applications in Water Resources Management” for Water Resources Dept., Rajasthan May 30 – June 10, 2011 NIH Roorkee
49. Workshop on “Water Resources of Western Himalaya: Problems and Possibilities”
March 25, 2011 Forest Information Centre, Jammu
50. “Hydrological Data Entry & Processing using SWDES” March 22–24, 2011 WHRC, Jammu
51. “Hydrology and DPR preparation of HE Projects” for NEEPCO officers Mar. 03–05, 2011 New Delhi
52. “Applications of remote sensing and GIS in Water Resources Management” Feb. 21–25  2011
NIH Roorkee
53. ‘Planning and Design of Hydropower Projects” for NEEPCO officers Feb. 08–12, 2011 Guwahati
54. “Climate change and its impacts on water resources” Nov 29–Dec 03, 2010 NIH Roorkee
55. “Soil erosion modeling and reservoir sedimentation using remote sensing and GIS” Oct. 11–13 , 2010 BBMB, Nangal
56. “Climate Change and its Impact on Water Resources” May 17– 21, 2010 NIH Roorkee
57. “Hydrologic Studies for Major and Medium Irrigation Projects” Oct. 26– Nov. 06, 2009 NIH Roorkee
58. A course on ‘Project hydrology’ for  NEEPCO officers Oct. 05-09, 2009 NIH Roorkee