Completed Sponsored Studies

S.N. Title Sponsoring Agency Partners Duration PI
1. Modelling of Gangotri Glacier melt runoff and simulation of streamflow variation under different climatic scenarios DST - 2014-2018 Manohar Arora
2. Glaciological studies of Phuche Glacier, Ladakh Range, India SERB JNU 2016-2019 Renoj J. Thayyen
3. Assessment of Environmental flows for Himalayan River MoES - 2015 Sharad K. Jain
4. Modelling of Narmada basin by using the GWAVA model CEH, UK CEH 12/14-03/18 Sanjay K. Jain
5. Dynamics of Himalayan Ecosystem and its impact under changing climate scenario-Western Himalaya NMHS-MoEF - 03/17-03/19 Renoj J. Thayyen