Ongoing Sponsored Studies

S.N. Title Sponsoring Agency Duration PI
1. Snow and glacier contribution and impact of climate change in Teesta river basin in Eastern Himalaya NMHS-MoEF 11/19-11/22 Sanjay K. Jain
2. Assessment of seasonal variations in Hydrology and Cryosphere of upper Ganga Basin NRDMS-DST 06/19-11/22 Vishal Singh
3. Development of Water Accounts for the different sub-basins of Brahmaputra and Barak River Basins in the state of Meghalaya Using Water Accounting Plus (WA+) Framework. NHP 2 years
P K Singh
P K Mishra
4. Development of a project website and hydrological database in Upper Ganga Basin
(Sub-project – 1)
DST, Govt. of India 01/16-12/20 M. K. Goel
5. Real-time snow cover information system for Upper Ganga basin
(Sub-project – 2)
DST, Govt. of India 01/16-12/20 D. S. Rathore
6. Glacial Lakes & Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) in Western Himalayan Region
(Sub-project – 3)
DST, Govt. of India 01/16-12/20 Sanjay K. Jain
7. Assessment of downstream impact of Gangotri glacier system at Dabrani and future runoff variations under climate change scenarios
(Sub-project – 4)
DST, Govt. of India 01/16-12/20 Sanjay K. Jain
8. Observation and modelling of various hydrological processes in a small watershed in Upper Ganga basin
(Sub-project – 5)
DST, Govt. of India 01/16-12/20 M. K. Nema
9. Water Census and Hotspot analysis in selected villages in Upper Ganga basin
(Sub-project – 11)
DST, Govt. of India 01/16-12/20 P. K. Mishra
10. Measurements and Modeling of Evapotranspiration and other Hydrological Processes in Lesser Himalayas MOES 2016-2020 M.K. Nema
11. Investigating water stress using hydro-meteorological and remote sensing data NHP 2017-2020 D.S. Rathore

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