S.N. Name Designation Email, Phone no. & STD code Areas of Specialisation Photograph
1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain
Scientist ‘G’ 01332-249209
Remote Sensing & GIS applications, Snow Mapping & Modeling, GLOF, Reservoir sedimentation
2. Mrs. Deepa Chalisgaonkar
Scientist ‘G’ 01332-249206
Hydro Informatics I.T.
3. Sh. D. S. Rathore
Scientist ‘F’ 01332-249213
Remote Sensing, GIS, Hydrological Modeling, Decision Support System
4. Dr. Renoj J. Thayyen
Scientist ‘E’ 01332-249237
Glaciology and Mountain Hydrology
5. Dr. Manohar Arora
Scientist ‘E’ 01332-249234
Snow and glacier studies, Env. Flow Requirement
6. Dr. P. K. Singh
Scientist ‘D’ 01332-249221
Surface Water Hydrology, PUB, Erosion & Sedimentation
7. Dr. M. K. Nema
Scientist ‘D’ 01332-249341
SW Hydrology, Climate Change
Experimental Hydrology
8. Dr. P. K. Mishra
Scientist ‘C’ 01332-249321
Hydrological Modelling, Watershed Management, Climate  Change, Irrigation
9. Dr. Vishal Singh Scientist ‘C’ 01332-249343 
Flood modelling, Snow/glacier studies and climate change
10. Sh. P. K. Agarwal
Scientist ‘B’ 01332-249238 
EIA, Hydrological Modelling, Watershed Management, Reservoir Simulation
Work Force
1. Smt. Kiran Ahuja P.A. 01332-249334
2. Shri Mahipal Singh Tech. Gr. II 01332-249285
3. Smt. Bohti Devi