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NIH Software Development

One of the main objective of the Institute is to disseminate the knowledge of Hydrology for the benefit of both field engineers and academic organisations. Under the research programme, Institute has also taken up the work of software development.

Analysis of hydrological data as well as flood estimation form the basis of most of the hydrological studies. For a field engineer having limited knowledge of computer it becomes sometimes difficult to use the available methodology available in the form of computer programmes. Keeping in view this need, some interactive software packages have been developed by National Institute of Hydrology, for Unit Hydrograph derivation, flood estimation, reservoir and channel routing and reservoir operation.

These software are available along with a User's Manual covering various relevant details. Practicing Engineers and Scientists as well as R&D, Field and academic organisations will find these packages of immense use in the flood estimation for various hydraulic structures and similar other uses.

NIH_ReSyP (NIH_Reservoir-System-Package)


NIH_ReSyP is a WINDOWS based software package that has been developed at NIH for various kind of reservoir analysis. Different modules of the software include capacity computation, storage-yield analysis, statistical analysis of flow data, initial rule curves derivation, operation analysis of a multi-purpose multi-reservoir system for conservation and flood control purposes, hydropower analysis, reservoir routing, interpolation and approximation of elevation-area-capacity table, and reservoir inflow computation including negative flow adjustment. The software is being named as NIH_ReSyP whichexpands as NIH_Reservoir-System-Package.

The software has been developed in Visual Basic and various computer programs developed in FORTRAN language at NIH have been linked. The software can be installed by double-clicking on the NIH_ReSyP-2018.msi file. Various forms have been developed for easy preparation of data files. The help files are associated with each module and there is no separate user manual. Further upon installation, sample input and output files get stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\NIH_ReSyP Package\sample_files folder which can be initially worked with. It is easy for the users to select the data files and take the model runs. Results can be viewed in tabular as well as graphical form. It is aimed that the package will help the field engineers in India in carrying out various kind of reservoir analysis.

Download Installer

Download Manual