S. No. Title Source Type Details
11 Examining Indian Monsoon Variability in Coupled Climate Model Simulations and Projections IITM, Pune Details
12 Determination of Onset and Withdrawal Dates of Summer Monsoon across India using NCEP/NCAR Re-analysis IITM, Pune Details
13 Alarming Rise in the Number and Intensity of Extreme Point Rainfall Events over the Indian Region under Climate Change Scenario IITM, Pune Details
14 Climatic and Hydroclimatic Features of Wet and Dry Spells and their Extremes across India IITM, Pune Details
Online Courses in Hydrology, Water Resources and Allied Subjects
S. No. Title Source Type Details
15 GIS in Ag-Essentials and Applications (GIS) Nptel Video Details
16 Momentum transfer in process engineering Nptel Video Details
17 Weather Forecast in Agriculture and Agro-advisory (WF) Nptel Video Details
18 The monsoon and its variability Nptel Video Details
19 Radiation Heat Transfer Nptel Video\Lecture Details
20 Physics of Atmosphere and Ocean Nptel Video\Lecture Details