Centre of Excellence for Advance Groundwater Research

The ‘Centre of Excellence for Advanced Groundwater Research (CEAGR)’ at Ground Water Hydrology Division possesses state–of-the-art hardware and software computational facilities. The Centre comprises two units:

  1. Numerical Groundwater Modelling Unit,
  2. Indo-German Competence Centre for Riverbank Filtration, to cater to the R & D services in groundwater sector.
  3. The hardware facilities include workstations, desktops, 24×7 internet connectivity, A0 size scanner and plotter, etc.; software facilities include latest numerical modelling, earth sciences, water quality and statistical software packages such as, MODFLOW, FEFLOW, MIKE SHE, WHI UnSat Suite Plus, ArcGIS, TNT Mips, ROCKWORKS, Systat, HydroGeoAnalyst, Surfer for 3D contouring, AquaChem, Aquatest, etc.

    In addition, facilities for groundwater level monitoring, sampling, differential GPS, handheld GPS, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technology based equipment for aquifer characterization and groundwater exploration, physicochemical analysis of water samples, etc. are available at the CEAGR.