Soil & Water Lab

The Soil and Water Laboratory has modern equipment for laboratory and field measurement of the soil physical and hydrologic properties. The major capabilities include determination of soil particle size distribution for textural analysis, permeability, porosity, infiltration, soil density, soil moisture at different suction for determination of the soil moisture characteristics curves, saturated hydraulic conductivity, sorptivity and matrix flux potential of soils, in-situ soil moisture, soil salinity and pH, leaf area index, foliage and other canopy measurements in command area etc. using advanced instrumentation and techniques. Major instruments available in the laboratory include Pressure Plate Apparatus, Soil Particle Size Analyzer, Guelph In-situ Permeameter, TDR Soil Moisture Probe, ICW Lab Permeameter, Multi Volume Pycnometer, Infrared Soil Moisture Balance, Digital pH & Conductivity meter, Constant Head Permeameter, Falling Head Permeameter, Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker, Tensiometers, Double Ring Infiltrometers, and Plant Canopy Analyser. In addition to routine laboratory based analysis of soil samples, the laboratory is providing services in the field for collecting disturbed/undisturbed samples, conducting in-situ measurement of various soil parameters and for field surveys related to the studies taken up by various divisions including the sponsored / consultancy projects.

Automatic Weather Station
Determination of soil moisture characteristic curve using pressure plate apparatus
Hydrometeorological Observatory
Measurement of infiltration rate using double ring infiltrometer