Internal R&D Studies

  • Radiocarbon dating of deeper groundwater of Indo-Gangetic Basin
  • Lake-Groundwater Interaction Studies for Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh
  • Interaction between groundwater and seawater along the northern part of east coast of India
  • Isotopic Investigations in parts of Upper Yamuna River Basin
  • sotopic investigation of benchmark Himalayan glaciers
  • Isotope Studies for the Identification of Different Aquifer Groups and their Dynamics in Upper Yamuna River Plains
  • Sub-marine Groundwater Discharge and Sea-water Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers of East Coast, India
  • Status Report on Rewalsar Lake, (H.P.)
  • Assessment of dissolved radon concentration for groundwater investigations in Haridwar district
  • Estimation of Radon Concentration in Waters and Identification of Paleo-groundwater in Part of Punjab Located in Satluj River Basin using Isotopes
  • Water Quality, Hydrogeology and Isotopic Investigations in SW Punjab
  • Water Availability Studies for Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh
  • Assessment of Sensitivity of Open Water Evaporation to Increase in Temperature for Different Climatic Regions of India
  • Study of variability of snow and glacier contribution in melt water of Gangotri Glacier at Goumukh using isotopic techniques
  • Hydrological assessment for artificial recharge and water management in Ghar area, Saharanpur dist. UP
  • Assessment of radon concentration and identification of Paleo GW in Punjab state
  • Identification of recharge zones of some selected springs of Uttarakhand using