Snow & Glacier Lab

Especially meant for analysis and modelling of snow and glacier melt runoff, the laboratory displays glaciological research exhibition facility viz.

Mountaineering and hydrological equipments used in the field, sediment samples collected from different parts of glaciers, display of results related to hydrological aspects of different glaciers, problems of high altitude region of the Himalaya etc. A weather display unit has been installed at the main building for display of current and recorded weather parameters.

Hydro met Observatory

SWHD is maintaining an observatory of the Institute at (Gangotri Glacier). It is well equipped with various ground-based equipments e.g. automatic weather station, automatic water level recorder, ORG, SRRG, hygrograph, dry & wet bulb thermometer, thermograph, Evaporimeter, anemometer etc.

Page last updated on 10.02.2022