Ongoing Projects

  • • Groundwater Model development in Micro Basin of Hard Rock in Krishna and Godavari River basins of Telangana
  • Impact of sand Mining on Ground Water Regime in parts of Manjira River Basin, Telangana State.
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Water Availability, Use and Issues for Goa State.
  • Flood review in Kali and Sharavathy river basin, Dam Break analysis, inundation mapping, and preparation of Emergency action Plan for Dams in Kali, Sharavathy and Varahi river basin.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Ground Water Quality of Belagavi City, Karnataka, India
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Hydrology of large River basins of Western Ghats of Karnataka.
  • Studies on Occurrence and Distribution of springs in parts of Western Ghats, India.
  • Water productivity assessment in Irrigation projects by Geospatial optimization Techniques.

Page last updated on 30.01.2024