Workforce Name Designation Email, Phone No. & STD Code Areas of Specialisation Photograph
1. Dr. A.K. Lohani Scientist G lohani[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249214
Hydrological Modelling
Flood Forecasting
Soft Computing Techniques
Flood Management
Water Availability Analysis
2. Dr. S.K. Singh Scientist F sksingh[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249207
Hydrological Modelling
Flood Estimation
Ground Water Modelling
3. Dr. P C Nayak Scientist 'F' nayak[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249208
Surface Water Modelling
Stochastic Hydrology
Flood Forecasting
Climate Change Analysis
4. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Scientist F sk[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249229
Flood  Forecasting and  Management
5. Dr. Ravindra Vitthal Kale Scientist E rvkale[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249239
Hydrological and Hydraulic Modelling, Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction, Integrated Water Resources Management, Agricultural Water Management etc.
6. Dr. L.N. Thakural Scientist E lnt[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249244
Remote Sensing & GIS
Irrigation Water Management
7. Shri J.P. Patra Scientist E jppatra[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249312
Hydrological Modelling
Flood Inundation Modelling
Flood Management
Water availability analysis
8. Shri Om Prakash Scientist 'B' omprakash[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249319
9. Dr. Soumyaranjan Sahoo Scientist 'B' sahoosoumya[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
10. Dr. Richa Pandey Scientist 'B' richapandey[at]nihr[dot]gov[dot]in
Scientific & Technical Staff
1. Shri Gaurav Kumar Research Assistant gaurav[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
01332 249336
2. Shri Ved Pal Tech.Gr. III vedpal[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in
Administrative Support
2. Sh. Ram Kumar PA kumarram[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in

01332 249205

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